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Observance Today Brand CJS/200 October 28, 2012 Instructor Term Law Enforcement Today Police departments in today’s culture face various issues such as working in a multicultural world, corruption inside the department, the risks involved in all their work, including violence available, and their usage of force when subduing a suspect, simply to name some. (Schmalleger, 2011). With so many issues to consider, the work of policing our streets continues to become increasing challenging.

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As society in the United States is constantly on the evolve, the us has become residence to people of numerous ethnic qualification and ethnicities.

This makes more problems for authorities departments when the police section is not diverse enough, and this can result in racial profiling and dialect issues. Every time a police officer is unaware with all the dialect and also the language with the community, this could make it harder to investigate cases as it makes it difficult to find out if the crime provides happen, because it happen and where industry. If a police officer considers a person’s race to ascertain if a crime has occurred, or more very likely to happen, this is just what is considered since racial profiling (Schmalleger, 2011).

One solution to this problem would be to seek the services of and educate more officers that speak more than one vocabulary. Along with racial profiling, officers encounter another concern within their law enforcement departments, which is corruption. While most officers have their promise to protect and also to serve critically, and reverance the commitment they got, there are other folks who will not. Some representatives fall victim to temptations such as bribery. The lower salary of a police officer is one reason for officers to accept morceaus (Schmalleger, 2011)..

Some police officers will take cash as payment from a great offender for making a boosting ticket go away, or pertaining to walking away via a medicine transaction in progress. Another form of corruption would be when an official denies the suspect all their constitutional right to due method by planting evidence in a crime picture. Other officials may dedicate offenses including drinking whilst driving, through using against the law drugs. Their particular idea that they are above prosecution, because they are a law enforcement officer, is another kind of police corruption (Schmalleger, 2011). Corrupt habit can also bring about violence once something does not go right.

Police officers also face the dangers of violence in the line of duty, plus the risk of entering contact with hazardous, or contaminated evidence (Schmalleger, 2011). For example , when an expert has to interact to a household violence episode, there is a real possibility of the perpetrator getting violent together with the officer too. Officers also need to be cautious of how they deal with infected evidence, such as the tiny needles which are used with a known drug user, If a drug suspect offers disease such as Aids, a great officer may become infected with Aids if perhaps he does not handle the needle properly, and inadvertently sticks himself with the needle.

They also face the possibility of getting into contact with dangerous evidence, including explosive devices. Issues such as these make the officer’s job incredibly dangerous. Fortunately, local police force officers have the benefit of an in depth working romantic relationship with federal and state law enforcement companies to assist their particular efforts in combatting crime. Law enforcement each and every level discuss information with the United States Division of Homeland Security, to guard the area of the United States via criminal activity which may take place domestically or perhaps at the hands of another country.

These agencies include The United States of Citizenship ” The Migration Services, The us Border of Protection, The us Immigration ” The Persuits Enforcement, The Federal Urgent Management Organization, The United States Key Service, and The Transportation Security Administration. America of Nationality and the Migrants Services manage the progress of citizenship, residency, and housing for foreigners.

America of Custom and the Line Protection is actually a law enforcement approach that puts in force United States borders which include land, marine or even atmosphere. The United States Custom and the Border Protection wrist watches and forced the persuits, agriculture polices and foreign nationals. The United States Migration and the Traditions Enforcement had been put into a couple of areas. One particular was to come with an investigation of international and national crimes which was known as Homeland Reliability Investigation.

The other one was to impose the transport of foreign nationals that break, which was named the Enforcement and Removing Operations. The Transportation Reliability Administration was known for attending to the air travelling security foreign and home-based. Also we were holding responsible for the territory plus the water transportation security (Department of Homeland Security, and. d. ). The United States Coast Guard was the services to get safeguarding nature, defending countrywide, and secureness of maritime.

The United States Magic formula Service is called an police that gives safeguard services for vital government officers. The us Service likewise protects the United States exchange. A lot of suggestions on how to develop the partnership between the DHS the police department is by teaching more police force and residence land representatives about applying security plus the process about how precisely to use that too. Even more suggestions will be improving connection by learning different ways to communicate with the help of language courses or just hiring a more diverse official.

Another suggestion will be increasing is how well the private security and the law enforcement get along. This kind of matter as this takes a crucial role in Department of Homeland Security. References Office of Homeland Security. (n. d. ). Homeland Protection Information Network , Law enforcement officials Mission. Gathered from http://www. dhs. gov Schmalleger, F. (2011). Felony justice today: An preliminary text for the twenty- first century(11th ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ-NEW JERSEY: Pearson Prentice Hall