A result of hydrogen peroxide concentration on

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Nutrients are proteins. They function as biological factors. They lower the energy obstacle of a effect so that the response can take place at body temperature. Also, they will speed up Metabolic reactions without being changed or used up. During a reaction, a great enzyme molecule combines briefly with the base. When the response is full, the enzyme molecules earnings to their original dormitory and the method released. And so enzymes will never be wasted and always recycled. As a result of enzymes happen to be proteins.

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Most of them are denatured at high temperatures and extreme values of pH .Moreover, enzymes are specific in action. Each enzyme catalyses only one type of reaction.

From basic knowledge, the rate of reaction will affect by the concentration of the reactant. The higher concentration of reactant, the faster the rate of the reaction. In this experiment, hydrogen peroxide acts as substrate and the catalase in potato tissue is the enzyme. The equation od the reaction is: Catalase

Hydrogen peroxide “””””””””””” >oxygen & water Inside the set-up, pipette is used because it can easy to observe the movements of the drinking water due to the small diameter of pipette.

By computing the distance from the water move around in the pipette and the time of the try things out, we can identify the reaction charge. By duplicating the above dimension, we can find out the reaction rate under diverse concentration of hydrogen peroxide. As to compare the effect of hydrogen peroxide concentration on catalase.

In this research, the self-employed variable may be the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The centered variable is the volume of o2 which is unveiled by hydrogen peroxide showing the rate in the reaction. The amount of oxygen can be scored by taking your initial and last reading of water in the pipette. The controlled changing are the scale potato strips, time for taking the rate of reaction and the volume of hydrogen peroxide added. First, the dimensions of potato pieces can be retained constant employing ruler to measure the period of them. Then, the volume of hydrogen peroxide added may be kept regular using syringe to evaluate. The assumption of the try things out is that almost all oxygen produced from the reaction was gathered by pipette and the surface area of each spud strips are exactly the same. Also, the precaution on this experiment would be that the potato pieces should absolutely immersed inside the hydrogen peroxide solution. The prediction would be that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide increase, the speed of the response increase, therefore more oxygen will be developed.


1 . Rinse the pipette by

(a) Stroking a small amount of unadulterated water into the pipette by using pipette filler. (b) Enabling the liquefied to contact the whole inner surface area of the pipette. (c) Removing the the liquid in pipette into a beaker.

2 . Get hold of potato strips

(a) Put a potato on the clean white-colored tile.

(b) Cut the spud strips to 1cm x 1 centimeter x several cm with a ruler and a razor blade blade. (c) Put the potato strips inside the beaker with distilled water. 3. Use a forceps to set a potato strip inside the syringe.

4. Suck a small amount of distilled normal water (~1ml) into the pipette by using pipette filler and tag the initial placement of the water. 5. Make use of a clamp to hold the pipette on retort stand.

6th. When the test start

(a) Pull 5 milliliters hydrogen peroxide by the syringe.

(b) Connect the mouth of the syringe and the mouth of pipette with rubber tubing immediately and start the stop-watch. several. Leave the set-up intended for 15 minutes.

8. Following 15 minutes, draw the final placement of the water. 9. Do it again step 3 ” 7 again with different attentiveness of hydrogen peroxide. twelve.

Estimate the distance of the water movements at each attentiveness of hydrogen peroxide. Tabulate the benefits and story a chart.