Arts and healing an organization process the

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Art Of Fiction, Group Dynamics, Skill Education, Artistry

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Arts and healing: An organization process

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The group overview

The group I chose to see is one that focused on Arts, spirituality, and healing, called Personal Mythology. This was a weekend workshop to engage persons in the theories and experiences that are provided by Feinstein Krippner (1997) in The Mythological Path: Learning about the Leading Stories of your past – Creating a Eye-sight for your Upcoming. The workshop was designed to serve 2 reasons as follows: (1) An intensive exposure to the work of private mythology; (2) An intensive procedure for the work of personal mythology. People came together not just in engage with the intensive encounter and begin the effort of personal mythology but likewise in hopes of understanding how to help to make it an ongoing life procedure and help others in their spheres of effect to do similar.

In the Invite of their publication, Feinstein and Krippner (1997) describe their personal mythology as follows:

“Your personal mythology is the loom on which you weave the raw materials of daily encounter into a coherent story. You live your life from within this mythology, drawing to yourself the characters and creating the scenes that correspond with its guiding theme. A lot of this activity occurs outside the house your awareness. To discover and start to transform your mythology is one of the most strengthening choices open to you. A renewed mythology calls up fresh awareness, values, and a revitalized sense of purpose. The moment carefully analyzed, personal misconceptions reveal themselves to be just as creative and innovative as the most ambitious nighttime desire, setting the criteria for success and failure, very good and wicked, heroism and villainy, whilst defining to suit your needs a unique roll in it all. The cause of your mythology is also the original source of your inspirations, of your thoughts, of your feelings, of understanding itself. Is it doesn’t point from which consciousness suspension springs into staying. ” (p. 3).

Demographics, roles and dynamics

The complete group contained 36 persons, including 30 participants and 6 market leaders. The group was split up into 5 subgroups, each with 6 participants and one particular leader with 1 innovator who remained in the aide role. The participants spent every rising and sleeping moments jointly. We were inside our subgroups for any times outside meditations (morning and afternoon), meals, and evening lick, for which we were all (36) together in a large room. The room was very warm and comfortable with sofas, chairs, large floor cushions, carpet potager, pillows, a stage, smooth lighting, and tables for individuals who wanted a tough surface which to write. Them were protected with beautiful art and the decor was inviting. There seemed to be quite a lot of thought entering the ways through which everything was laid out, the colors that were applied, and