Balances of values and academiic liberty of inquir

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yBalances of Values and Academiic Freedom of Inquiry

Dear Mr. R. Kirby Godsey

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In the process of your life we encounter many problems and many crossroads. We

have many choices and lots of decisions to make. In making these decisions we must

keep in mind the moral ideals our parents have trained us seeing that we were delivered.

Those Christian values should certainly guide our lives and the options we help to make. These

same values must also guide at school too. In our pursuit of knowledge, we all

should retain these beliefs in mind.

Within our never-ending highway of learning, we are granted with many educational

freedoms. We have the freedom to question trying to learn new ideas. All of us also

have freedom to disagree with the material shown to all of us. We can differ

and tone of voice our opinions, but in a great orderly trend.

In working out those freedoms, we should accomplish that with maturity and

responsibility. As pupils, we are in charge of learning each of the content of

any course we examine. We are liberated to take different to the landscapes or info

presented to us, and are free to reserve judgment about matters of opinions.

Sometimes, within our quest for understanding, there becomes a conflict among

our morals we are used to and the materials presented to us. Once there is

a difference, we should certainly not ignore the thought or stop it out. We should feel free

to learn and issue new tips. Just because we learn a thing doesnt mean we

have to accept that. We should keep ourselves available to new suggestions. When we accomplish this

we become very well rounded individuals.

Among the this is the concern involving the argument between development

and creationism. As Christians, we obviously believe in creationism, but all of us

shouldnt quit learning about advancement because we dont have confidence in it. This

makes all of us very close minded. We shouldnt stop studying a subject just

because all of us dont believe in it. One among our freedoms is the educational freedom of

inquiry. Therefore we have freedom to query. We have the liberty to learn.

We are able to still seek out more answers, and we can easily learn distinct theories and

still maintain our morals. The trick by doing this is to stability all of this. We all

must be in a position to keep the beliefs and new ideas presented segregated. We must be

able to draw a collection between the things you learn and what you believe that. In doing this

we all become unbiased individuals.

I believe if we may balance each of our values and our educational freedom of

inquiry we have reached a whole new level of learning. Not many people can do

this. It is hard to want to learn material shown to us that you never

particularly take care of or rely on. When we discover how to do this our company is open to a

whole new regarding possibilities.

Personally i think I have discovered how to continue to keep my morals and philosophy, while

continuous my look for new suggestions and data. I feel I use learned to

balance these. I have found the line between the two, and I understand when too far

is too far. Since Mercer is a place where I can feel free to available myself to new

gates and communicate my philosophy, I feel I would blend into the Mercer environment

very well. I am ready to accept new suggestions and want to learn. I want to get the best

education I can acquire and Mercer is the place where I will get it. I actually am happy to

learn just as much as I can, unique spiritually, academically, or