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Poetry reveals the emotions from the speaker. It is going to give content thoughts in case the speaker is usually happy however the opposite if the speaker is usually sad. Poetry exist as a result of emotional certainties and uncertainties. That is why poetry are more ideal and sophisticated rather than other styles of fictional pieces. The poem entitled “Love can be not all” by Edna St . Vincent Millay covers the meaning of affection. The whole composition wants to say the truth regarding love – the success of people and just how humans take care of love at all.

In addition there are different appearing figurative dialects throughout the poem, which talks about the problems and dilemma to be in love. Therefore , the theme of this composition is like as it unravels the misery and deepness of devotion through metaphorical justification in the speaker’s emotions. The presenter of this composition wants to convey one thing – love can be not perfect. He wants to justify his emotions throughout the different experience in his existence. Based on the message from the poem, the speaker can be described as man who would like to share his distress, beat, and along with loving his woman.

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The speaker even comes close love to a drink, meat, roof top, floating an amount of spar, air, and medicine. This stuff symbolize a large number of concepts that strengthen the concept and framework of love. Drink and meats symbolize lifestyle, roof is a symbol of shed or shelter, a floating par symbolizes life saver, air signifies breath, and medicine signifies cure. “Love is only a few: it is not meats nor drink / Nor slumber nor a roofing against the rainwater; / Nor yet a floating an amount of spar to guys that kitchen sink / And rise and sink and rise and sink again; (St.

Vincent Millay, 1-4). ” All of these ideas offer life to humans but the point in the speaker can be not to strengthen the idea of appreciate but declaring that appreciate is not really about living but dying. The composition is a great irony of love as a way to obtain life and comfort. The speaker wants to share that love is definitely not as suitable as it can be. It is far from like providing all the good things to obtain pleasure because the presenter feels that love is a lot like facing to death. The speaker would like to shed tears as he identifies his experience in like but he could not.

“Love can not fill up the thickened lung with breath, as well as Nor clean your blood, neither set the fractured bone tissue; / Yet many a man is making friends with loss of life (St. Vincent Millay, 5-7). ” This part of the composition emphasizes the paradoxical idea of love wherever it could not really provide existence or savings to your body. Love is not non selfish but selfish based on the description with the speaker. Therefore , it can be said that affection is not sense like in nirvana but practically in terrible according to the audio. Love offers you happiness when you fall in take pleasure in but it offers you death in order to breaks your heart.

This is exactly what the composition is right from the start up to the end. “I could be driven to market your appreciate for tranquility, / Or perhaps trade the memory on this night intended for food. as well as It well may be. I do not believe I would (St. Vincent Millay, 1-4). ” However , eventually of the composition, the audio himself accepts the fact that he could not fight against his love because his affection revolves around his female. It simply means that the speaker enjoys his girl so deeply that he could acknowledge and endure the pain and sadness but will not ever maker her suffer after almost eradicating the man by breaking his heart.

To summarize to this, the poem shows its main point in the beginning. In this case, the succeeding lines are only justifications of speaker’s emotions. Eventually, the struggles and sufferings of the audio still ends after sense that this individual could not take any payback against his woman mainly because behind every one of the hatred and anguish against love, this individual still has his affection toward his like that nobody could ever include. Reference St . Vincent Millay, E. “Love is not every. “