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Question 1 )

List the three managerial competencies that have generated your accomplishment so far within your job. List your strength and, for each strength shown, determine how that strength might get you in trouble and why is it so hard to become and effective central manager? Solution

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Managerial competencies is defined as sets of knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes which a manager needs in order to be successful in a wide range of managerial jobs and various organizational environment. There were half a dozen core essential specific expertise: the interaction, planning and administration, teamwork, strategic actions, multicultural, and self expertise.

Managerial competencies is useful in my experience, a current director of strategy and revealing for Price tag Product division in Telekom Malaysia Bhd, also will be useful following my advertising to Helper General Director of Organization Finance for Technology and Innovation trademark Telekom Malaysia Bhd.

The competencies will assist me to excel on designated job, improve self-management and connection within organisation unit, better planning and administration of teamwork and more sensitive regarding changing of subordinate conduct and environment surround all of them.

3 managerial expertise that have generated my achievement in a task are:

a)Communication competencies

b)Planning and Administration expertise, and

c)Teamwork expertise.

1 . Conversation Competencies

A connection competency is your capacity to effectively copy and exchange information leading to understanding between yourself and others. It provides:

¢Informal communication

¢Formal connection, and


In 2010, I was given responsibility to improvise Telekom Malaysia Group Segmental Revealing through substantial accuracy id of cost drivers to get Customer Subscriber’s Equipment (CPEs), Revenue Showing Out payment, Leased Routers and Merchandise Licensing. It will require a new price transfer processbetween Retail Merchandise to individual Line of Business (LOBs) divisions in which involves inter-department cooperation and collaboration to accomplish this goals. Even more, it requires me to build very good working romantic relationship with LOBs in order to be powerful. I began by initiating informal interaction with various categories such as Information Technology and Network Infrastructure (ITNT), Service Supervision and Require Forecast (SPDF), Group Costing, various LOBs and individual product owner inside Retail Merchandise to obtain all their views and resources capabilities if the execution takes place.

I realized it is not a straightforward procedure because it takes a lot of effort to identify allocation drivers to each LOBs sections, limited usage of the information and data offered is certainly not derived from one single place. In order to overcome these issues, together with my personal team, we have established strong collaboration among all categories and get in touch with them from time to time to understand complications, ways to decrease the difficulties and setting up moving forward plan and process stream. It takes a lot of negotiation with respective division especially in term of cut off a chance to provide the data and entitled of motorists that will be utilized for allocation uses.

Some discussions with information providers tend not to take extended but there few requires continuous settlement until the processes are totally stable and ready for services. Once a process flow have been completely applied and used by all division, I then started to speak formally with all TM Group and ready to begin the process to improvise Group Segmental Credit reporting. Meantime, I have received a really positive reviews from Group and all divisions that this work out really will help them to improvise better earnings as well.

installment payments on your Planning and Administration expertise

Planning and administration competency involves selecting what duties need to be performed, determine how they may be done, allocating resources to be able to be done, and then monitoring improvement to ensure that they may be done. This kind of competency includes:

¢Information gathering, analysis and problem solving;

¢Planning and organising jobs;

¢Time management; and

¢Budgeting and economical management

I was once faced with a challenge coming from top managing to execute 100% 2011 Key Efficiency Indexes (KPI) for property tagging achievement by taking consideration a full completion of tagging work out for resources acquired previous 2006, 3 years ago ” 2009 and 2010. The majority of assets were labeled as routers which many of them already been implemented at customer’s premises, misplaced or not really at operating condition. This is certainly one of the toughest job to be delivered in 2011 due to in complete information for aged assets, difficulty to identify lost assets and require a substantial support from vendor which previously carry out installation by customers’ building and from the other division just like Customer Service Procedure (CSOC) group. By October 2011, our company is only managed to achieved 69% out of 1, 821 assets that need to be indicate and this condition really give to us high pressure as we running out of time and received 3 more months just to complete the remaining of the resources.

Further, they have potential Net Book Benefit (NBV) effects of RM4. 5 Mil if the activities was not organized and given properly. This situation also need Retail Product Finance team to gather every necessary data from various unit, inspecting a result, determine ways to resolve a complications within a presented timeframe. We took immediate action simply by putting proper plan with respective possessions owner and design one of the most achievable time-frame for everyone to follow. My team had stand out the pitch to Vp and Mind of Department (HOD) during our each week management meeting and action had been considered immediately shortly as everyone agreed.

We started to execute a plan as well as my team and property owner by simply classifying property group with potentially not really found, not working condition, is available and offered at customer’s areas. Each selection of the resources was tackled by several kind of strategy and we happen to be monitoring a progress from time to time until end of the procedure. My crew will bring up to date the position of possessions on regular basis and report was produced to respective HOD for their quick attention and action.

Any unresolved issues were lifted and comprehensive checking was performing for each of the issues. Meantime, were also monitoring the monetary impact and ensure asset old age and downgrading was performed timely. The hard work and tremendous hard work was worthwhile for Price tag Product where by December 2011 we were able to achieve totally asset marking KPI and manage to understand RM4. a few Mil NBV in a publication.

3. Teamwork competencies

A teamwork competency is completing tasks through small sets of people who are each responsible and whose task requires skill. Teamwork competency can become more efficient by:

¢Designing teams correctly;

¢Creating a supportive team environment, and

¢Managing group dynamics properly

I have realized that in the past a couple of years both Retail Product and Global have already been using hard to rely on forecast drivers as a device to set aside International Band width cost among each other. By utilizing forecast motorists, I have difficulties to influence LOBs about cost that should be taken up by Retail business and to determine the drivers that being used as portion basis to them are right or not. I have acknowledged Bandwidth management team and Global Data Management (GDM) team to relook this matter once again and find methods to allocate expense at substantial accuracy and efficiently rather than using forecast as a basis throughout a season. Realized that this implementation requires strong and high commitment team, I possess approached my own team member and that we have did start to initiate a number of discussions with Costing, GDM, and Band width management team including product owners.

All of us also conveyed to LOBs and Group Finance to compliment us about our mission to change the driver process. Initially, we certainly have difficulties to convince Global Finance about the important of using appropriate drivers and cost allocation since they had been performing similar method for a few years already. They were afraid the changes may effects a lot in in their Financial book, need additional jobs and methods. In order to conquer this ambiguity, in the past several months, we have been short about the presence of new program called ABOR resided by network which able to monitor bandwidth utilization up to assistance offerings and so, using this prospect, we were able to convince Global Finance to begin making alterations.

Further, our management have empowered us to take activities based on the best judgement without always in search of approval from them. We were also been promised by management which the successful on this project can add to our KPI. Finally, with a wonderful support and commitment, both RP and Global have come to consensus regarding methodology and approach to deliver cost share with better cost drivers’ analysis and everyone seems capable to accept the brand new way of carrying out things. Strong points and obstacle to achieve efficient middle director

Based on the above mentioned 3 expertise, I believe that we possess the next strengths that able to help on self development and assist a business towards attaining strategic aim and aims. a)Relation-oriented and Change-oriented management behaviour; b)Value Innovation and alter; and

c)Excellence Relationship.

1 . Relation-oriented and Change-oriented management behaviour In my opinion that I end up with a relation-oriented behaviour especially upon providing a support and motivate my part of the team when perform difficult task, offering coaching and mentoring, locating time to pay attention to my subordinate and willing to simply accept suggestion coming from subordinates and peers. In change-oriented leadership, I have shown to management which i am in a position to understand the ought to adapt the change of environment, putting into action a major enhancements made on strategies and encourage and facilitate attempts to apply major modify.

A challenge to train this durability in current middle supervisor position is the fact top managers such as Vp and Exec Vice President may well sometime possess difficulties to accept the new approaches and methods of doing items because they are already complacent with current technique and not happy to take a risk with the fresh approach. Therefore, even though my personal subordinates have a very high inspiration to perform the newest methodologies yet without a good support and encouragement by simply top managers may at some time lead to stress.

2 . Benefit Innovation and alter

I i am always encourages my subordinates and colleagues to seek chances for different and innovative approaches to address challenges and options in Telekom Malaysia and facilitates the rendering and acceptance of modify within the place of work. I am also capable to identify and drives improvements needed to conform strategically to changing of management and internal pursuits, catalyzes new approaches to boost results simply by changing organizational culture, systems, or products/services. In other occasion, each year we all encountered problems to justify our Business Plan number with Information Technology and Network Technology (ITNT) product because there wasno specific platform being provided by TM managing that we may discuss and agree between each other during Business Plan work out period.

The end result is mush worsen every time a project commence to kick off since somehow a part of a project expense neither budgeted at the unit neither ITNT. A whole lot of staff complaining about this case and something must be done to increase the situation. After realizing quite of this concerns, together with my own superior and peers, all of us started to organized proper strategy and drive communication with ITNT during 2011 Business Plan exercise. I’ve initiated an initial discussion with ITNT crew where comprehensive rationalization exercises have been accomplished several times there after. I have designated one of my personal subordinate to compile and execute all information so that both equally our device and ITNT can share each other, depth assurance where a cost ought to be resided was taken into high account and the demarcation of task owner was fully recognized.

No doubt, even though we have some problems with a couple of product owners who capacity accept the brand new way of work out due to frustrating and a lot of pressure was placing back to them, we are frequently persuade them about the important and good thing about the outcome out of this newly added exercise. Though Group Financial had offered the platform at a very last second during BP exercise period, both each of our unit and ITNT possess a minimal concerns and trouble to bring up as we have rationalized our quantity prior to that. At the end of the period, goals have been totally achieved and ultimately include mutual understanding and co-operate each other with minimum mistakes.

3. Excellence Relationship

Excellent capability to initiates and keeps strategic and trusting relationships with stakeholders inside and out of doors the organization (e. g. TM colleagues, government bodies, regulators, market players, technology partners, shareholders, media, buyers and alliance partners) to advance business desired goals. My affiliates were given responsibility to improvise Group Segmental Reporting through identification of proper cost drivers for Subscriber’s Products (CPEs), Income Sharing Outpayment, Routers Procurment and Product Licensing. It will require a new expense transfer procedure and my team believed difficulties to implement as a result of complication upon obtaining the motorists, too manual and limited resources.

I possess initiated the discussion with various functions like GEMSTONES, IT ” Data Warehouse, Service Preparing and DemandForecast Unit (SPDF) and Full Product split about opportunity to obtain the motorists and identify a method to do it. In order to reduce the difficulties among my part of the team, I individuals them to identify a methodology to get into the information, sort of template to extract the info and establishing the deadline to accomplish a job on regular monthly basis. I always discussed with my staff about complications to perform this job and the way to overcome this kind of incidents. My spouse and i told my team members that their hard work and contribution towards achieving this target is very valuable and helps to improvise TM’s reporting.

We could started to create good marriage with data provider celebrations such as THIS, SPDF and product owners so that the evaluation can be carried out in monthly basis. My affiliates successfully apply the new tasks and help to improvise Group Segment Credit reporting. We have received a positive feedback from various parties in Group Finance and Occupation (LOBs) considering that the cost transfer exercise genuinely helps these to establish better profitability However, a great problem that I have to face once putting through this concept during working hours division can be described as reluctant by management to take the changes because every department seems more at ease to function within their personal division rather than to accept adjustments from outsiders.