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Primary, Second and Tertiary Care

Major Care

Principal care, also called as the amounts, is the 1st point of contact between the patient plus the health care unit, which can be an office or medical clinic (Timby, 200). The patient trips health care device and complies with doctors, doctors or nurse practitioners for issues like cold, flu and bacterial or viral attacks. Primary attention also includes browsing hospital for the sore muscles, skin problems or damaged bone. In addition there are some principal care professionals; for instance OB-GYNs, pediatricians, geriatricians etc .

Case in point

A person suffering from fever since previous seven days sessions to medical center for conference general medical doctor. Physician following his check up concludes that nothing is obviously wrong therefore blood evaluation should be performed in the laboratory to find out the reason for fever. Blood report shows after three days the face is suffering from typhoid. Doctor recommends a great antibiotic and advice to have soft meals. Patient sessions doctor after two weeks and again bloodstream test is conducted which gives adverse result. All of the activities performed by the health care unit for this affected person come beneath the category of primary care.

Supplementary Care

Second care may be the care offered by a specific doctor who has expertise in a particular discipline (Niles, 2011). The primary proper care takers generally recommend visiting specialized doctors for a particular problem. For instance, a general physician might recommend an individual to a cardiologist if the patient complains that he feels pain close to chest. Likewise, there are skin doctors for fixing skin complications, oncologists intended for treating cancers patients and endocrinologists pertaining to fixing the hormonal issues.


A female trying to get pregnant since last 2 years is consistently facing failing and virility medicines are generally not working on her. Her doctor finally concludes that the only thing, which could solve her fertility problem, is her weight. Your woman suggested her to lose weight and follow a diet program. However , the physician herself has not been the right person to tell her the diet strategy so the girl recommended her to the nutritional expert. The nutritionist guided her about the whole diet plan and explained her which food can help her lose weight and increase fertility.

Tertiary Treatment

Tertiary proper care is the most intricate and higher level of specialty proper care given to an individual when accepted in the clinic. Highly specific equipment, facilities