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Catfish Creek Canoe Organization

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Steve Davidson’s “problems” range from the production (manufacturing) of the canoes the marketing of the canoes the costs strategy

Development Problem- Davidson projects that he will help to make 30 canoes a year. Each canoe takes 10 days for making so Davidson would be functioning 300 days a year with 65 stream days. This kind of buffer time is for virtually any delays in the production process. Davidson needs to ensure that he provides proper products, raw materials and time to carry on track.

Marketing – Davidson will create an online site, advertise in canoeing publications and press releases to sector and leisure associations. Davidson has to make certain that he is aimed towards the right market and that folks who would be enthusiastic about his canoe are targeted and mindful of his goods.

Pricing- Davidson would like to value his canoes at reduced because they are hand crafted. The price has to be enough to cover his bills and think about his ability to only produce a limited quantity of canoes. Davidson can not more than price his canoes since potential buyers may possibly go elsewhere to buy a canoe, or perhaps may make a decision not to choose the product by any means.

Justification intended for Problem Classification

Davidson must be sure that he can meet his production demands. Davidson has to be dedicated to working over 300 days 12 months. If he’s sick, or unable to improve some reason he has to have a back-up plan. Perhaps an agreement with one more small kayak company or any form of insurance. Is he sure that they can reduce production time by 12 days and nights to ten days. What are the exact techniques that will be a little more efficient when he becomes more experienced? Will all of the equipment that he requires be important and are his projected prices accurate? Davidson may want to hire or acquire equipment to save on costs. Variable costs may well change several seasons or perhaps if there are shortages in cedar or any other materials.

Industry for canoes seems to follow the business pattern. Does Davidson have definitive data on this assertion? Can there be other factors that effect someone buy of canoes such as weather condition? The data that he features may still effect his operation because it is much smaller and capacity has already been a bottleneck. Canoe consumers may not use the web as much since they are more likey to be car and hunting enthusiast (assumption). Davidson may want to locate other tiny manmade canoe operations and find out how they reach their customers. Do people who examine canoe journals use them being a shoppers gudie as well?

Davidson must identify the superior he can demand to receive maximum profits. He probably is definitely planning on advertising all his canoes (assumption). Therefore he wants to