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Pride, Pride and Prejudice

Week 8 Short Response Essay

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I think, Lydia and Junior share the most commonalities amongst the protagonists of books read this semester. The main similarity is found in their very own family conditions. Both personas struggle substantially because of their parents in my opinion, and both character types find goes out in different ways. Lydia was a parent pleaser, and Jr was unintentionally I believe. Jr was effective, bright, and unique, but he didn’t necessarily do this for his parents somewhat himself. Although Lydia’s days and nights were spent being a spitting image of her parents dreams and dreams. Both character types were celebrity children that any parent or guardian would be proud of. However , their particular parents push them into situations where they couldn’t always be who that they wanted to end up being. The parents of both Lydia and Jr . acted since antagonists during these stories.

In Juniors case, he was raised in a booking, one that assured little growth. It wasn’t until he made the decision intended for himself to transfer colleges that having been able to turn into happy and establish genuine friends. His parents were extremely poor, so much so, that lots of days that they went with out food. His parents were unable to live out their dreams or become successful. His father and mother made it challenging for him to achieve his dreams. They were unable to provide him with necessities or drive him to school. Their very own drinking seriously brought Junior troubles.

Lydia’s parents were somewhat such as the Spirit’s too. Her father and mother did not have the chance to be what they predicted either. Although her friends and family was not while poor since Junior’s, they actually did not have got much funds either. Both Junior and Lydia’s parents made the kids unhappy through the novels. Jr was incredibly upset when ever his father and mother refused treatment for his sick dog, and Lydia was thus upset with her family and life that she had taken her lifestyle. Although the conditions of both equally characters had been different, a large number of obstacles needed to be overcome for them to find pleasure. Being that the Protagonist’s parents were unable to live out their particular dreams, that they somewhat were living them through their children in both situations. Despite all their numerous fails, they loved their children a lot. Junior had written on one of his photos that a durability of his parents is that they loved him a great deal and he felt it, even though these people were neglectful alcoholics. Lydia was said to be ended up being many times available, when police asked if Nath in case their parents ever before hit her, he responded by declaring they adored her and would never do that.

Both heroes had to deal with numerous difficulties until they finally found happiness. Jr had to defeat being given birth to with an illness, on a booking, and suffering from everyone. Lydia had to conquer the constant pressure and have difficulties that her parents positioned on her just about every living small. Although both equally characters attained happiness in several ways, that they both finally did. Intended for Junior, his happiness came from transferring educational institutions. This big change was exactly what this individual needed to arrive of age and become the person he always wanted. Lydia’s happiness originated from ending her life. Although hers is much more tragic, your woman gained peacefulness, and that was enough for her. Junior surely could be identified for his merit, while Lydia had not been because the lady died ahead of establishing very little.

Both Junior and Lydia had several disadvantages that had been based on their families. Whether it be the neglectful father and mother in Juniors case, or the overbearing father and mother in Lydia’s. Both were extremely challenging for the characters. Irrespective of these non-payments in their persona, both Younger and Lydia were cherished more so compared to the other brothers and sisters in the story. Both characters also needed to make a large decision for themselves to find delight.