Computerized Payroll System for GTZ Printing Press Essay

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Published: 08.10.2019 | Words: 293 | Views: 268
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I i am find no words at my command word to express our deepest feeling of appreciation to the changeless GOD, one of the most Gracious, the most Merciful as well as the most Beneficent, who gives us the talent to complete this task successfully. He is the one who provided us the courage to do this. I am are much obliged to our dearest parents in whose prayers have enabled all of us to reach this kind of stage. As of this occasion we can’t neglect our father and mother for their guidance at the important moments of the life.

My spouse and i am are extremely thankful to Marmolejo Naryvic T. whose guidance is always with us. Who also always prompted us great guidance us to finish this job. We are greatly thankful to the adviser Ms. Cecilia Abaricia who helped us in proposal producing and offered us a lot of supporting material and suggestion.

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Her specific remarks, corrections, critiques and criticisms were the most helpful. Acknowledgement The specialist would like to accept the following individuals in making this kind of research work successful: Almighty Goodness, for the gift of wisdom and strength in creating these kinds of research work; Ms. Cecilia Abaricia thesis mechanic, for her time, patience, and energy in showing her expertise in improving this research work; Naryvic Big t. Marmolejo intended for his recommendations and tips in the development of the program that was created by the researchers.

Mr. Alex Hipolito, Finance Officer, intended for sharing his expertise in payroll types of procedures of their company And most importantly to the Great Almighty God who give us strength, bravery presence of mind, assistance and inspiration to finish my study.