Diagnosis palm inc output level at capstone

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Excerpt from Capstone Project:

The problem is which the people who are in charge of these actions are not very good at them. They are simply being outcompeted by other individuals consist of organizations.

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The Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model signifies that when there exists a high level of congruence involving the activities at the individual, group and company levels, the corporation should be successful. Palm is definitely an interesting example because it counters the Nadler-Tushman model to some extent. The members of the firm are working which has a high level of congruence, but they are simply not successful in their interests. Consider the distribution problem. If the organization wants to dominate the sector, it should possess a nationwide carrier. It will. But the range of national company was think, and the types of syndication deals with Verizon and f?r att left something to be desired. Likewise, Palm advertising connotes a high quality merchandise. They are sending the right concept to the industry, but they are not really doing it in a way that resonates while using market.

There may be an element of setup that is declining at Palm, rather than a insufficient congruence, but all advised the result is that Palm will not be successful. Nadler-Tushman explains this more in terms of congruence between your inputs, outputs and the exterior environment than between the several levels of results. Thus, the outcome level is usually insufficient to clarify the failure of Palm; the full Nadler-Tushman model on the other hand does explain why what Palm is doing simply is no longer working for the business. It also may well shed light on what HP must do to be able to turn Palm around, should it want to.

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