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To get Oedipus to become considered successful, then, he would have had to obstacle his own fate and succeed, instead of enact it entirely relating to what was set out pertaining to him. In Hamlet, however, the enemy is real and man in the form of Hamlet’s uncle, and therefore Hamlet will be able to confront and vanquish him. Thus, Oedipus represents a sort of ignorant struggle against the ideological forces which control anyone in society, a struggle which could never succeed so long as individuals forces continue to be indistinct and ephemeral. Hamlet, on the other hand, shows a pointed struggle against some of the exact same tendencies, however in this case, they are really identified, known as, and thus exists the potential for defeating them.

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Even though written in wildly distinct historical contexts, Sophocles Oedipus Rex and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet actually have a lot to declare about one another, because the titular characters have so much in keeping. Both characters’ stories include the search for vengeance for any murder dad of doubtful moral top quality, and both characters accept this task with gusto even as it becomes clear that getting justice will be extremely challenging. However , this key similarity also contains a key difference, because Oedipus is eventually responsible for his father’s fatality while Hamlet is innocent, and this difference represents a kind of evolution on the part of the latter, because the crime and perversion continues to be drawn out and placed into one more character, that of Hamlet’s granddad. This difference cascades through the story, as it also means that Oedipus and Hamlet could have vastly different relationships using their respective mothers; Oedipus is married to his mom in an obvious affront to nature, nevertheless he doggie snacks her with kindness and love, while Hamlet’s mother is hitched to his uncle within an apparently socially acceptable union, but this individual treats her with contempt and outrage. Finally, while both heroes suffer from hubris in their attempts to find rights for their murdered fathers, just Hamlet will be able to overcome this tragic flaw somewhat to find true justice. Oedipus cannot, because when ever considered along with Hamlet, it might be clear which the true villain is not Oedipus at all, but rather the society by which he finds himself, a society dominated by the requires of gods and oracles. He simply cannot overcome this kind of totalizing pressure, and is hence expelled from it, but , innocent when he is, Hamlet succeeds in challenging the authority in the society by which he locates himself, such that play ends with the say destruction from the official kinds of power.

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