Health associated with radiations released from

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Mobile Phone

Some of the studies are getting conducted in India around the issues relevant to Health associated with Radiations released from mobile phone and mobile phone towers.

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  • Department of Human Genes, Guru Nanak Dev College or university, Amritsar has conducted quantity case research in this area when playing animals and human volunteers. Study reported cytogenetic damage in tissues of some people using cellular phones over a period of period. The data unveiled increaser quantity of micro nucleated buccal cellular material and cytological abnormalities in cultured lymphocytes indicating the genotoxic response from cellular phone use. While exposure to radiofrequency radiations has been reported to affect physical, neurological, intellectual and behavioural changes and to induce, initiate and enhance carcinogenesis, risk to individual health continues to be suggested pertaining to mobile phone users (Gandhi ain al., 2005).
  • The Indian Authorities of Medical Research (ICMR) supported an animal study (2005-08) to find out the result of RFR on men reproduction by Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) New Delhi. The results indicated significant reduction in testicular size, pounds and in sperm counts. The information also suggested that the persistent exposure to Car radio Frequency Rays (RFR) copied from cellular phone causes a substantial decrease in healthy proteins kinase C and total sperm count along with enhance apoptosis in male tipp. The study advised that reduction in sperm count and increase in apoptosis may be a causative factor due to mobile radiation exposure leading to infertility (Kesari and Behari, 2008).
  • Nationwide Institute of Technology (NIT), Calicut, Kerala, has reported headache, dizziness, numbness inside the thigh, and heaviness inside the chest amongst mobile phone users. The effects indicated an increase in the both parameters once mobile phone is usually kept near chest and a decrease when stored close to the brain. Mobile phone features caused changes in Heart Rate Variability indices as well as the change various with its placement. But these observations were not significant in comparison to with out mobile state (Ahmed et al., 2008).
  • PGIMER, Chandigarh, offers conducted a report (Panda et al., 2010) and reported long term and intensive cellular phone use could cause inner hearing damage and based on all their observations they have recommended following criteria’s pertaining to the release of harmful rays from cell phones.
    • Mobile phones must not be used consistently for more than 1 hour in a day.
    • Hands free technology to be used where increased use of the mobile phone is unavoidable. This includes use of microphones and Wireless so that the handset remains away from ear and thus avoids the direct effects of harmful electromagnetic rayonnement on the ear and the human brain.
    • People to avoid lengthy talks and discussions upon mobile phones so far as possible.