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Academic Duplicity, Marijuana, Municipal Liability, Medical Marijuana

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Laurel v. Hardy

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Main issue: Laurel and Hardy, a specialist comic duo, entered into an agreement that arranged if that they ever disbanded their relationship, they would refrain from using every single other’s materials without payment to the other person. After the duo disbanded, Robust continued to use the materials without paying Lauro. Laurel is suing Hardy for $500, 000. Sturdy travels and has therefore not been properly served Court Paperwork and refuses to read the regional paper or respond to the suit. Honra motions to get a default view and Courtroom Costs, which is granted. Robust appeals this kind of because he will not be properly notified.

Relevant Legal Concept: Contractual law and Service of Summons and Judgment

Procedural Due Process: Service by simply registered postal mail and distribution in neighborhood newspaper; the Court is definitely not dependable if the person being dished up pleads ignorance.

Relevant Meanings: Substituted Service of Court documents

Relevant Case Law: Dorsey v. Gregg, 784 S. 2nd 154, Court of Appeals, Oregon, 1988

Explanation: The Courtroom is not really responsible if the person becoming served pleads ignorance. A Defendant who may have been correctly serviced non-payments by failing to file a solution in a timely manner (Schubert, 2010, g. 161).

Ruling: Original Judgment is affirmed.

Case: Express of California v. Marin

Main concern: Marin, a middle-aged men, developed serious lung challenges after on a regular basis smoking an effective variety of marijuana. Some of Marin’s colleagues were arrested and charged with intent to produce and deliver marijuana. The DA wants to subpoena Marin’s doctor. Marin’s lawyer objects based on the physician-client privilege.

Relevant Legal Idea: Physician-Client Privilege

Procedural Credited Process: Is a marijuana fee Federal or State; in the event State, had been the individual is possessing valid medical cards?

Relevant Definitions: Legal concept protecting communications between a patient and doctor getting used against the patient; part of the rules of evidence. No Relevant Case Rules: Not known under the National Rules of Evidence Rules; State level varies depending on law. Binkley v Allen (2001, fifth District Appellate Court) and State sixth is v. Spencer (1998). California Criminal Codes

Reason: If Condition Court – 2010 California Evidence Code, Article six. 994 claims that physician-client privilege permits physician to refuse to reveal any confidential communication between your doctor and