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1 . )The Odones demonstrated scientific approach by first they will researched most they may about the condition. They examine all the offered studies on the topic, and read past ALD-specific research to learn about other tests and studies on related topics that may help them be familiar with issue. They came up with a hypothesis, employing an olive oil on Lorenzo by nourishing him it to see if it will reduce the body fat in his blood. They charted his blood levels before and after they gave him the oil to evaluate his progress.

Their bottom line was Lorenzo’s oil was working.

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5. )Lorenzo’s olive oil is a treatment consisted of oleic acid and erucic chemical p, prepared by olive oil and rapeseed petrol. This treatment is given to males who may have ALD. Treatments works such as a kitchen sink; lorenzo’s oil added the unsaturated fats that lorenzo’s nerve fibres needed. lorenzo’s body didn’t produce them itself, and so they required an outside source-oleic acid.

By without having Lorenzo take in the excess fat his human body produced more, like how you plug a sink up the water will just keep filling up. The oil made something like the second drain intended for Lorenzo.

six. ) The medical community resisted the Odone’s treatment ideas because they had not been thouroughly tested on a large scale yet. they didn’t need the Odones to give people false hope right up until they find out for sure if this worked on everybody and the actual side effects were. Also these were professionals that did not want amateurs informing them how to handle it. The Parent support group resisted because they had faith inside their doctors and did not desire to give parents a false wish that there was a cure.

almost eight. )The family’s courage and persistence do inspire me personally because that they found out their kid a new disease that was unknown and untreatable that their kid was going to die slowly from within the next years. But rather than just giving up and spending time with their kid for the last few years that they fought pertaining to his life by researching all they could testing out everything that they knew rather than letting doctors or professionals tell them they can do that or they cannot do that because it was not approved, that they ignored all of them and still continued with their valor to keep Lorenzo alive.

doze. ) Support groups are there to provide each other tips and to be there for other family’s because they are experiencing usually a similar thing as all others, giving family’s support for each other. Support groups affected the Odones by providing them the concept they are never going to sit below like all others and wait for a cure that may probably not be found out for a long time, they determined they were not going to sit there and deal in a support group they were likely to go work on a cure themselves.

14. ) Erucic acid solution is mono-unsaturated omega 9 fatty acid. This is found in rapeseed, mustard seed, and wallflower seed. This kind of acid is not sencillo in normal water. It is employed chemically to create many different items; lubricants, cosmetics, nylon and polyester. Eating large amounts with this acid have already been linked returning to causing cardiovascular disease.