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Approval and Marketing Strategy for the Launch of a Date Flavoured Breakfast Food in Saudi Arabia

The development and sale of a date flavored food to be sold in Saudi Arabia might have quite a lot of potential. The cereal industry in Arab saudi is the largest cereal industry in the Middle East, and it is within a growth stage (ITP. net, 2006), when two key global breakfast time cereal organizations; Kellogg and Nestle, have had a occurrence in the country considering that the 1970’s in past times the was generally aimed toward western expatiates (ITP. net, 2006). The increased level of global media has created a better demand for cereal in the local consumer market, and growing prizes of ailment have also reinforced the growth with the cereal market which is perceived as a healthy breakfast time choice (Euromonitor, 2012; ITP. net, 2006). Increasing disposable income in the region is also affecting positivity for the demand. The industry is expected to continue growing through till 2016 (Euromonitor, 2016). This means that that there is a market which may be reached as long as the firm can develop a suitable item and sell it off effectively.

The perception of cereal is the fact it is a american style merchandise, so adapting the product to produce one that may provide a greater level of appeal to the local market may help to create difference and associated with product more desirable to would-be. The concept of localization of products continues to be successful for many firms; McDonald’s has designed product intended for local marketplaces such as the Maharaja Mac created using lamb rather than beef to get the American indian market and burger bought from France possess garlic dressing (Kotler and Keller, 2011). Adapting product to meet neighborhood tastes has the potential to gain more sales in a area compared with someone buy of a standardize product (Kotler and Keller, 2011).

The breakfast food may be tailored with the use of times and time flavor. Schedules are a regional product; the diet in Saudi Arabia has covered dates intended for millennia, with the country creating in excess of 600, 000 pounds of dates each year (Anonymous, 2010). The foodstuff is a staple item, used in many different lovely and tasty dishes, including breakfast, and eaten as being a snack (Anonymous, 2010). The item is consequently one that is recognized to be suitable for local preferences. Dates have not been well-liked in cereals, but the Kellogg’s cereal ‘Just Right’ sold in Australia and New Zealand, has a selection that includes date ranges; so dates are an indigent that is viable for addition in a breakfast cereal merchandise.

The promoting of the new cereal will probably be targeted at the neighborhood population, aiming to combine