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Personal Command Statement

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Command is one of the most needed qualities and expertise in today’s world. Due to globalization, increasingly more diverse pursuits and ethnicities are coming into greater connection with one another. To reconcile these differences is the task of leadership (Rondinelli Heffron, 2009). Effective command can help society to realize the promises of such interactions while unproductive leadership is likely to stoke such distinctions and generate power from your differences inside society. This holds true to get society as a whole as well as for distinct institutions within just society such as religion, education, business and economy.

My own leadership way has been designed by a variety of factors. My parental childhood, socialization, inborn traits, formal education, sociable relationships, faith and experience of the press have all written for shaping my perceptions of human beings, the relationships they share with one other, their passions and the prospect of achieving the prevalent good by simply harnessing the potency of these pursuits. Being of Jordanian beginning, the Arabic culture and Islamic theories have significantly shaped my outlook towards life and my watch of the human relationships between persons. Islamic theories stress the precedence of upright personality and meaning qualities over wealth, status and family tree for attaining leadership. Islamic ethical values have also located place in contemporary corporate supervision (Abbasi, 2011). Therefore , I actually also have confidence in democratic right to leadership of each and every individual. My spouse and i also assume that leadership may be inculcated and developed just like moral personality can. Islam also educates that management is not really a reward yet a responsibility to serve the community. Therefore , I as well believe in the concept of servant leadership where it is the responsibility from the leader to serve the best interests in the followers rather than using them as tools pertaining to advancing his or her personal ambitions (Spears, 2011).

In addition to the previously discussed factors, My spouse and i also believe my personal features and inborn traits also have played a great part in shaping my personal approach to command. I tend to be a friendly and affectionate person and this makes me quite capable of treating people who have warmth and openness. Second of all, I was also demonstrative of my own feelings and i also frankly connect my landscapes to people. Can make me competent of conveying positive transactions to the people underneath my management and of helping raise all their self-esteem. I’ve seen people around me work hard to build up these features but it seems to come obviously to me. Therefore , I believe which the trait management theories are certainly not as irrelevant as stated in current leadership theory. In fact , trait leadership theories should not be used to ignore other aspects of leadership such as ethical values and skills which can be developed through effort.

I’ve demonstrated the aforementioned qualities in several instances during my life. Like a father of five daughters, I can assume the responsibility of command for my children. I have to make sure that all my children are cared for fairly simply by me, they are healthy and happy, and they receive all of their rights. It is good to say to make sure that environmental surroundings at home can be positive and that all trouble is dealt with successfully. When my personal eldest child was facing bullying by school and I found out about this, she declined any help from me personally in this subject as your woman felt it could be embarrassing on her behalf. I could have got ignored her request and taken up the matter with her teacher with out her noticing it but I did not. I seated down with my girl and told her that the lady was very brave. We also explained to her that it was important to speak up for yourself if 1 was being treated unfairly. My spouse and i also assured her that I would not do anything without her permission although that I basically wanted to ask the girl and her parents to dinner. She consented and during the dinner My spouse and i talked with her parents regarding the problem. They will agreed to speak to the girl and since then the two have had a less adversarial relationship.

I really believe that it was the ability to respect personal decisions of my own daughter, my personal desire to gain and keep her trust, and use conversation and dialogue with all stakeholders to resolve a problem that empowered me to help my child.

As stated in the introductory section, globalization has taken about one of a kind challenges for leadership. The globalized universe is significantly ahead of the physical world of conviction and predictability that I acquired grown up in. It is now even more necessary for visitors to live with uncertainness and manage it in such a way that their hobbies are not sacrificed (Obolensky, 2010). Leadership plays an important component here since decisions must be taken that can have critical consequences for all your people included. My knowledge as a great IT manager has revealed me for the duality of prescribed ideas and aufstrebend practices in working with environmental difficulties. While focusing on my IT projects, I’ve had to manage the prescriptions of hypotheses and techniques on the one hand current practicalities from the situation on the other. Such difficulties have heightened me to be more understanding and comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty around me. This enables me to hold my head in challenging times and imagine solutions rather than worrying about the alterations taking place. I believe that my personal style of leadership is based on my ability to evaluate situational elements and make use of my knowledge and instinct to develop effective solutions. Because of these strengths, I have already been able to increase successfully in the IT field for 10 whole years and consider myself skilled enough to attempt post graduate student education to take up the strategic leadership of my company.

I likewise believe that the role of leadership is usually to develop enthusiasts through function instead of the additional way rounded. Therefore , during my professional capability as a trainer, I have tried to develop and coach my own colleagues around me to attain their best benefits. In addition , like a counselor I’ve tried to support my customers understand all their problems via a technological as well as a business point-of-view and present methods to them which might be in their needs as well as the needs of my company. This kind of ability to reach win-win associations is an important portion of the twenty-first hundred years leadership where there is greater potential for issue and competition compared to cooperation. It is therefore, necessary for leadership to embrace range and notice it as a source of strength and enrichment instead of as a menace or competition. Because of my ability to correspond with people in a human level, I have been capable of extract the very best performance away of my personal team members and inspire them to always aim for larger levels of efficiency.

I as well believe that leadership is not really limited to a company or to a great institution but that it has a wider role to play for the society. Leadership requires taking the initiative if the opportunity comes up and to speak up for justness and proper. After the attacks of 9/11 I noticed that there was a need to present a balanced picture of Islam in america to prevent negative stereotypes of Islam and Muslims coming from taking root in the contemporary society. Thankfully, I found that many persons from diverse backgrounds in American world shared my own ideals and it became feasible for me to present a average face of Islam. Concurrently, I as well identified a few of the problems and resistance towards integrations faced by Muslim communities in the us. I attempted to motivate and inspire them to presume ownership of their country and live because responsible Muslims and American citizens. The ability to recognize possibilities rather than limitations helped me to workout leadership within just my community.

I likewise feel that leadership ought to be based on intuition and common sense rather than complex types and theories. As stated by Bennis and O’Toole (2009), the market leaders coming out of the majority of business educational institutions have been provided on the importance and infallibility of technological principles and methodology so much so that they make an effort to implement precisely the same principles upon people as are meant to be applied to inanimate things. Dealing with human beings is different then dealing with the topic matter of physics or hormone balance. Human beings have got will and motivation. Place be used rather than manipulative strategies to motivate performance and excellence. This kind of belief offers helped me to relate to people as people and stimulate them toward self-actualization.

It is crucial for management to present a task model towards the community. Therefore , I believe the fact that personal features, values and character are essential elements of management. These values and characteristics, in particular intellect, concern for folks and fairness in decision making inspire other folks to adopt individuals qualities and behaviors (Lussier Achua, 2010). I have attempted to