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After entering my personal first session at The southern area of Nazarene School I could not have told you my own political ideology. I knew what my viewpoints, observations, anticipations, and beliefs were, although did not know the proper ideology that would define them. Through several training that I took, I have become more informed regarding the role that I would like to see the government have throughout society as a whole and in the economy. After reading the section of ideology in American Government and Politics Today: the Essentials I learned that the best term pertaining to my ideology is right-wing Conservatism.

I would like to find the government take action if necessary throughout the economy, yet permit capitalism as well as the economy regulate itself if at all possible. In regards to the values that the govt should maintain I would like to view strong polices against moral issues such as abortion, porn material, and homosexuality. Upon taking “Worlds littlest Political quiz online, the website told me i was a Centrist.

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A Centrist can be described as person who party favors selective political involvement and practical approaches to modern challenges.

A Centrist tends to keep an open mind on fresh issues and prefers capitalism to work out monetary problems if at all possible. Although I had been a centrist I was within the boarder distinctive line of being a correct wing conservative who would like to see a capitalistic contemporary society and little government treatment. The next quiz was an ideology quiz. This test told me i also maintained towards the old-fashioned side. My spouse and i apparently as well would like to observe order in society rather than equality. Those two tests confirmed similar results in that both explained I was more closely related to a traditional than a open-handed.

The “Worlds smallest Politics Quiz showed the nationwide results and percentages of these who have previously taken test. The majority of people who also take the quiz, 37. seven percent are liberals. The second most popular grouping is Centrist at twenty nine %. The ideology test stated which the average of most those who take this quiz will be liberal too. I did not feel that the questions in the quizzes favored one area, liberal or perhaps conservative, more than other.

Following reading advice about the two several classifications and taking these quizzes I do believe that they can be accurate about my sights and thoughts towards government intervention and planned compared to free economies. Hopefully people in the world will be strong enough today to realize what opinions they may have and the actual believe is correct or wrong without being labeled bye a name. I would personally bet that some of the general public chooses a single side or the other based upon what individuals before them did. However , intended for myself whether I was conservative or perhaps liberal Let me stick to my own opinions and beliefs and individuals can phone me what they wish.