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Livesey, L. (2007). Representatives Smile to get Red-Light Cameras. Oakland Podium: ANG Papers

The effective use of red-light cameras by Millbrae Authorities Department could lead to a great expansion in the program. The City’s Crimson Light Photo Enforcement System said that that generated much more than $110, 000 in revenue. Sgt Steve Aronis said that there was a reduction in the volume of red-light athletes at Millbrae Avenue and Rollins Road since the installing of these video cameras. Some occupants, however , had complained about these cameras pulsating too gaily. Some others considered it a great invasion of privacy. The rest protested the tickets given for violations.

Peceimer, ain al. (2006). Against Red-Light Cameras. Oakland Tribune: ANG Newspapers

A lot of residents and observers portrayed disfavor for the installation and use of red-light cameras. Someone said that red-light running has not been a problem in Menlo Recreation area where these cameras can be set up. Additionally, they said that these kinds of cameras did not reduce the volume of auto accidents. There were research, conducted simply by newspapers and teachers, which usually showed that accidents elevated, rather than decreased from the installing of these cams. The city of Menlo Area would after that be financially accountable for the accidents. Researchers behind the study contended that red-light digital cameras were an incorrect and a negative solution to the condition.


Standard records declared more than ninety two, 000 crashes result in nine hundred deaths annually by motorists running the red traffic light. Statistics reflect that red-light operating accounted for 15-21% of accidents. Of the 260, 000 red-light running incidents, 750 had been fatal. A primary response to this huge injury was the installing of red-light cameras or RLC.

The installation greatly reduced driver violations and elevated in red-stopping as they acknowledged the cams. These video cameras proved thus successful which the Millbrae Law enforcement officials Department planned to increase its plan. The design was shown in San Mateo and Belmont. In the busiest intersections in these choose cities, a fantastic reduction of red-light sportsmen resulted through the installation of red-light cameras.

Opposition was also noted. A few said they will flashed as well brightly. They were an breach to privacy. Red-light working was not a problem in areas like Menlo Park. Others said that RLC did not reduce the volume of car accidents. The arguments, in general, observed RLC because an inaccurate solution to the situation. However , overall and in almost all cases, the installation of red-light cams reduced red-light running among drivers in participating urban centers nationwide.


This analyze used the descriptive-normative technique of research in recording, talking about, interpreting, inspecting, and assessing information by reliable and updated sources, such as peer-reviewed journals.


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