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“Sustainability” is definitely not a new term or maybe a new principle to me but it really is only related to urban advancement in Hk. After starting this course, I recently found that my horizon would have to be boarded to global level. I can notice that sustainability may be related to several things, not only urban development yet also organization and the life style, how we live may seriously influence how long the environment can last pertaining to, and even would affect the descendants’ lifestyle.

I was amazed at the video “the story of stuff”, (creative commons, 2013) Annie Leonard pointed out that customers are living beneath many different kinds of propaganda, and encouraged to acquire many things irrespective of that stuff is needed or perhaps not. Consequently , consumerism was created. Actually, persons in Hong Kong also have a similar phenomenon specifically for online shopping.

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In recent 3-5 years, TaoBao (Taobao. com, 2015) which is a fresh and well-liked online shopping system among Hk people, the items shown on the net are which has a very attractive cost, some garments can be bought by just 10 to 15 Renminbi (RMB), possibly add on the procurement expense is only expense about 20 Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

Honestly, I actually am also one of the recurrent shoppers. However, after seeing this online video, I would focus before My spouse and i make up a conclusion to buy new clothes or perhaps accessories ever after as I do not want to burden our beautiful and only world so really anymore. Another data that surprised me personally is my personal ecological impact (EPA �xito (2012), if perhaps people live like me, three or more. 1 planets are required. However , all of us just have 1. In my opinion, I understand that maybe I take in too much meat such as meat, pork and chicken but since I want to eat such beef, it is unavoidable to transport from mainland to Hong Kong also including fruit and vegetables.

One of the component counts our footprint is where the food cultivated and that implied in case the food is not grown locally or produced, transportation is a must. It is unjust to Hk as it is not just a self-sufficient town which means the food grown in Hong Kong simply cannot feed everyone live in this kind of city. But, I need to eat less meat in order to reduce the methane emission. Apart from the above element, different living habits needed to be altered. For instance, Need to get around walking distance more frequently. There is a library located not so definately not my house, it take me around 15 minutes take a look by foot although most of the time I actually take minibus. One more thing is the fact I alter my mobile phone once a year. This may absolutely need to get changed. We am quite sure about that I modify my telephone because of intensive advertisement. I realize that I i am dragged inside the consumerism.

Every time I buy a new phone is because of the newest one released but not the old one tenderize. I realize that if I change this negative habit I am unable to only save more money but as well help to conserve planet. Developed areas have become misappropriating the 3rd world resources but those countries are still saying that they are helping other countries to formulate their economic system. This is only a bad deal to be unfaithful the third universe. Since the majority of the factories go on to third world countries where the labor cost are extremely low plus the rules and regulations will be loosen to ensure that western countries do a lot of things to diminish the organic capital in the third world such as energy usage and making use of the raw materials.

Last but not least, I was surprised by a video called “the north pacific gyre”. This originally was a very fabulous island numerous spices of animals great it is now the biggest landfill on the globe. I just feel too ashamed that human ruin animals’ environment but they bum to us. Actually, we all just like eradicating ourselves till one day we find nowhere to dispose our trash. Changing our life-style is not an option yet a must prior to it is past too far.


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