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The managers, clients, competitors equally could acquired the valuable information that they needs using this report. As an example, the mangers could get the knowledge about the main advantage of products which can be the variety of these products, however , the weakness of the products is definitely the packaging.

Plus the real require of the clientele, brand understanding, product fulfillment and the performance of existing strategies, including product development approach, public strategy, packing strategy. But the managers can not get the data about market share of THE HUMAN BODY SHOP inside the cosmetics market. Because the author could not locate this information though the internet.

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And for the consumers, they can get the disadvantages and advantages of YOUR BODY SHOP’s product. It helped the customers purchase the items of THE PHYSIQUE SHOP. Nevertheless the clients wasn’t able to get the new information of the product or maybe the introduce the merchandise collection, since for the author terminated the product combine strategy. What is more, the rivals learn from YOUR BODY SHOP being a model, because the THE BODY SHOP has good reputation in the cosmetics market and public, due to the powerful of the brand approach of THE BODY SHOP.

The competitors would use the same strategy like THE BODY SYSTEM SHOP, For instance , THE BODY STORE uses the worthiness which is against the animal assessment in the marketing campaign strategy. The competitor may also use this value in their own brand strategy. Moreover, THE ENTIRE BODY SHOP has some disadvantages in the brand technique, and the competitors could absorb those activities and do better than THE BODY STORE, such as the products development technique of THE HUMAN BODY SHOP. But the competitors could not get the newest information about financial of THE BODY SHOP, due to the internal economic is the business secret of each and every company, so the author cannot found this information in the internet.

Reason for the record This report are mainly present the adverting, product development, marketing campaign and open public relation technique for THE BODY STORE. Thought this kind of report, the writer analysed the packaging and performance approach in the product development strategy, and the author discovered that THE PHYSIQUE SHOP always use the reuse material to make the packaging in the products, through adding the nature ingredient into the products. Then, pertaining to the adverting strategy of THE BOYD SHOP. The company uses the wellbeing adverting supersede business adverting, and that bring the adverting of entire industry ahead. In addition , YOUR BODY SHOP concentrate on the public relationship strategy.

The business builded the reputation simply by donation and welfare actions. What is more, YOUR BODY SHOP has five code values that happen to be benefited to get THE BODY SHOP to take the social marketing technique. The main feature of five code values is usually calling for the social pay much more attention to the vulnerable groupings, although they are poor, female, animals, children even the earth. (4) The chosen theory requirements The author uses the knowledge of brand strategy, community relation technique, social marketing, adverting strategy, packaging strategy, and product development technique.

And this expertise is from your HND training: Marketing An intro, Business Culture and Strategy. Evaluation upon timescale Generally, the author done this record on time, but the author employ much time to analysed the strategy. The author spent additional time than the consider the Define research objectives4-Brand social marketing strategy. Because the publisher researched very much background information as well as the social process of THE BODY SHOP.

And for the Define study objectives5-Brand merchandise mix strategy. Since the writer replaced this kind of objective with product development technique, and that spent much time to update this component. And the writer wasted more time in The advices.

Because of this part requires more information about current market plus the current situation of THE BODY SHOP.