The day that never comes

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Sad Account, Short Story

The man we all call Pa Kay was coughing, most of us saw blood come out of his mouth, this individual have been trying to cover up each time that they ask how he could be doing. ‘It’s nothing, We are fine, you people should never bother regarding me. ‘ Pa Kay will say, jogging slow gradual and holding the wall membrane for support as the cough will probably be coming out big big. Everyone see his brown handkerchief, blood include cover this, we managed to sit him on couch. Some of us happen to be blowing him breeze with the clothes, different ones are providing him drinking water. ‘Pa Kay don’t expire, please remain alive. ‘ I say. We don’t desire him to die, he is the one that is similar to my father following my actual father perish.

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Weeks ago, dad will show me stories of great men and women who also rise by nothing to become something in life. ‘Awele, you may be anything you want being in life. All you need is education. ‘ Dad will say.

‘Father I wish to be a designer, I want to generate fine great clothes to get popular persons so I can purchase you and The female big mansion, big big car and present you plenty a great deal money. Father will show me to read my literature and appear in high marks in my tests. It is however know that he not like the one thing I want to have life, he always show me about attorney, doctor, curator and all all those big big people that have on ironed meets and wear big big shoes and climb big big vehicles. Me, I will now simply tell him that all people like to wear fine excellent clothes and I will make a lot plenty money from thus, making them these garments.

Trouble started happening when dad lost his job in the university. This individual has many many talents, one of them is producing electronics to work. We all know father is the best engineer inside our community. Daddy can restoration radio, television and everything that have wire in it.

The morning father shed his task, he return home with a unfortunate face and tell us that his Oga take credit for the water turbine factor he make them build in the university. I have not noticed father wear that sad look in my life, the thing pain him very well well. This individual drop his resign page and desire that they will call up him back and beg him and give him more money and make him a long time worker instead of a short period of time worker.

Weeks ascend weeks and father had not been called back again. He today focus on his shop, although the money is small for us. After jr . WAEC, I actually start hawk water melon so I can support father and mother using their small tiny income. Everytime I move where I realize fine excellent clothes, Let me stand together with the tray in the head and appearance until We am fed up of looking. I understand one day I will be fashion designer. When i have end secondary school, I make a decision that I should go to university of course, if father can’t provide, I will start customize work as apprentice for Cousin Lucy, Mom friend.

All my dream get crash, when herdsmen come to our community and put fire just about everywhere, kill lots plenty people who have their big big cutlass. I did not observe father and mother, they may have run for his or her life, each of our room possess catch fireplace, everything burn off finish. Afterwards, I see dad who say he did not know where mother proceed. We find a camp to settle, they say federal government provide for people that do not have house. That is exactly where I satisfy mother, Pa Kay and my friend, Temi. We quickly become 1 big friends and family again.

It is Temi who show me to big big guys in town that may sleep with us for money. Sometimes we may want those to put it within our mouth, that they show us more money and we allow them, they will right now pay us after they have got finish around. Father fulfill people in camp whom drink ogogoro and speak about the data corruption in this region, even inside their drunk ” they make perception.

A single night, father did not come back to camp and think the herdsmen have kill him. It have reach 8 weeks we did not see him.

We am keeping Pa Kay’s hand, tears dropping from my eyes. Pa Kay have been good to mother and me as father disappeared. The doctor in camp say he have got Tuberculosis that people should not stay where he stay. Each morning I actually wake, I ask God when I will be fashion designer.