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Pupils life is not as easy numerous people think so. Becoming a student can be not all regarding going to school and learning new things. Each day, students head to school not only to play and possess fun. Being a student provides lots of duties that they need to perform. Tasks that must be done as well as they have to gain knowledge. People thought that college students are having a fantastic life in the school and nothing more but its not all about that. Students likewise have some issues in school. They will struggle more often than not. They have countless of nights without sleep to finish ttheir projects or perhaps tasks. Also, many learners struggle with their subject. They will having difficulties mainly because its hard to cope up with thier themes.

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This happens the majority of in older highschool college student. Many pupils in mature highschool are having difficulties when it comes to thier subjects. They are fresh to some of the subject matter of mature hhigh schoolsince its not really that long once K-12 was implemented in the Philippines. Mature high college students are having difficulty coping. And one of the themes of senior highschool learners is exploration where they will conduct a report or baby thesis. Just like students in ccollege older highschool also have to conduct research or baby thesis as their requirement for their research subject matter. Senior highschool students a new hard time in this subject and several experiences. And that is what this kind of study is all about.

This study mainly focuses on the experiences of quality 12 learners while making thier study. The analysts chosed level 12 learners because they have finished and experience carrying out a research study when they were in grade 14. The research workers conduct this study to know the experiences and what are the items grade doze students perform while conducting thier study. The researchers wanted to know very well what are all their experiences with regards to their period management. To know how they take care of their period while making their analysis. The research workers would also like to know the Grade 12 experiences when they are making thier interview. To know the techniques and ways in which they utilized when they made their interview. To likewise know their particular experiences with other subjects will be while making their study. The experts want to know how can making analysis affect their behavior to other subject matter. The study likewise focuses on how does grade doze students get over and completed their analysis papers.

The main reason for this examine is for those incoming mature highschool college students or experts who will likewise make all their research. Through this examine, the future older higschool learners will gain knowledge about the techniques that they may apply inside their research newspaper in the future.