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1 . 1 discuss the functions of foodstuff production and food and beverage service systems Meals production: devices

eg traditional, batch cooking, call-order, centralised, set up kitchens, sous-vide, cook-chill, cook-freeze Service: devices

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eg table support, counter service, a la carte, table d’hote, silver assistance, family assistance, plate support, gueridon service, specialist meals service devices

1 . two discuss elements affecting recipes and food selection for certain systems Menu and menu factors

1 . formula suitability and modification

2 . buyer perceptions

3. range of products

4. flavour and appearance of dishes

5. vitamins and minerals

1 . three or more compare the fee and staffing requirementws implications several systems Expense implications

1 . system costs

2 . tools

3. staff

4. products

Staffing requirements implications

1 . system skills and de-skilling

2 . job specifications

3. schooling

four. levels of result

1 . 5 justify the suitability of systems to get particular foodstuff and beverage outlets App: within the hospitality industries

eg accommodations, restaurants, pubs, clubs and nightclubs, agreement food services, hospitality solutions, membership clubs, events and specialist functions, banqueting, junk food, in-flight wedding caterers

LO2 Be familiar with financial regulates used in meals and beverage operations

2 . 1 talk about the use of monetary statements in food and beverage functions Financial transactions

1 . dish costing sheets

2 . cost statements

3. functioning statements

4. difference analysis

5. sales records

installment payments on your 2 illustrate the use of expense and prices processes

Costs and pricing

1 . dishes

2 . menus

3. beverage lists

4. revenue mix

5. net and major profit

6. set, variable, immediate, indirect price; cost factors

several. VAT

8. discounting

2 . a few analyse the purchasing procedure

Purchasing process

1 . requisition of equipment and supplies

2 . getting options

3. buy specifications

4. invoice

a few. invoicing

6. storage area of equipment and supplies

LO3 Be able to formulate menus to get hospitality situations

3. one particular compile foodstuff and beverage menus for a hospitality function

Menu and menu considerations

1 . cookery styles

2 . types of menus

several. balance

4. dietary needs

5. allergic reaction considerations

6. ethnic influences

7. sociable trends and fashions

8. dietary content

Dish recipes

1 ) using new foods

2 . prepared foods and levels of finalizing

a few. combination of prepared and fresh foods

4. dish specifications

5. normal recipes


1 . Intoxicating

2 . non-alcoholic

3. options

some. selection

5. availability

six. storage

7. legislation

3. 2 justify the selection and appropriateness of recipes for menus Factors influencing menu system and dish selection

1 . style

2 . colour

3. structure

4. temperature

5. presence

6. seasonal and local produce

7. complementary or contrasting foods

8. drink and food matching









LO4 Be able to give food and beverage companies for food events

some. 1 plan a meals and beverage service for the hospitality event within an decided budget Organizing

1 ) type of menu

installment payments on your style of services

a few. timescale

4. client requirements

Cost control

1 ) staffing

2 . components

a few. overheads

4. reaching target income

a few. budget restrictions

4. 2 implement the planned assistance maintaining specifications of quality and well being, safety and security Top quality standards

1 . creation and support planning

2 . meals and beverage preparation

3. cooking food and display

four. food and beverage support levels

5. placing and maintaining standards

Health, safety and security of the office

1 ) procedures

2 . monitoring

3. setting and maintaining care practices

four. 3 assess factors to determine the success from the service, making

tips for improvement Analysis factors

1 . Planning

2 . Organization

3. management objectives

4. execution

your five. quality

6. client satisfaction

six. cost effectiveness

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