Univac and Eniac Essay

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UNIVAC which known as the General Automatic computer system was developed by Steve P. Eckert and Steve Mauchly. After years of study and all the formalities, the first version of the UNIVAC was provided on Mar 31, 51.

The specifications of the UNIVAC are the following, an add time of hundred or so twenty microseconds, multiply moments of eighteen hundred or so microseconds. Their magnetic tape had a velocity of 12, 800 characters per second; its read-in speed was 100 inches per second. I’m certainly not sure just how much space it had on the hard drive, despite the fact that that is a major part of the requirements of the Univac computer.

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The Univac had 5, 200 vacuum tubes. It weighed around 13 tons. This used about 125 kilowatts of electrical energy to operate.

The total space the UNIVAC took up was about 35. your five m squared or more. The Univac appears have had about 1000 words and phrases of recollection? Interesting Simple fact: in a president election, the Univac could predict who would win the race, Eisenhower in this case. UNIVAC was the first computer manufactured in the United States of America.

The Univac was also a extremely expensive piece of equipment, since like right now people move ballistic for brand spanking new stuff. And I bet pcs back in the day required a great deal of intelligence to actually function one. Ok so the ENIAC (Electronic Statistical integrator And Computer) was the first general-use electronic pc. It was capable of solve an entire mess of computing complications.

Computing challenges such as military related stuff, like products for the us Army Airborne Research Laboratory. The American Military financed the research, since it would seriously help them; it absolutely was also for their gain as well. As with the UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer) the ENIAC was invented by the same two, Frederick Mauchly and John P. Eckert.

Ruben Mauchly was the chief expert and David P. Eckert was the main engineer in the project. With the team, Eckert and Mauchly took in regards to year or so to design the ENIAC. But it had taken about a 12 months and a half to really make the vision a reality; additionally, it cost a serious pretty cent, about five-hundred, 000 money that came by taxes. The interior of the ENIAC had around 17.

5 thousand cleaner tubes; it had 70k resistors too. It even acquired 10, 000 capacitors (A device accustomed to store an electrical charge), one particular, 600 electrical relays (which are electrically operated switches. ) Let’s only say the ENIAC had a good deal of bits and pieces that achieved it run. It absolutely was huge!

It had been about 1850 square feet in proportion.