Week 6 Assignment Essay

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(d)Delinquent real estate taxation on house assumed by purchaser six, 000 (e) Premium upon 6-month insurance plan during construction 6, 000 (f) Reimbursement of 1-month insurance premium because building completed early on (1, 000) (g) Architect’s fee on building 25, 1000 (h) Cost of real estate bought as a plant site (land $200, 500 and building $50, 000) 250, 000 (i) Commission fee paid to real estate property agency 9, 000 (j) Installation of fencing around home 4, 500 (k) Expense of razing and removing building 11, 1000 (l) Proceeds from salvage of demolished building (5, 000) (m) Fascination paid during construction about money For each of the several independent scenarios, prepare the journal records to record the exchange on the literature of each organization.