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Entrepreneurial Giants – Mary Kay Ash and Anita Roddick

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From time immemorial, entrepreneurship has unquestionably been a crucial part of man life. Entrepreneurship entails discovering and starting a business as well as organizing and sourcing the necessary resources to get started on the business venture. It also entails taking risks and returns associated with a lot of business ventures. Entrepreneurship may revitalize mature companies or result in new companies in response to perceived online business opportunity. This report will attempt to compare two entrepreneurial titans- Anita Roddick and Mary Kay Lung burning ash as market leaders and managers. Secondly, it will eventually attempt to explain the achievements of equally women. It will also evaluate different quotes of the two women about their businesses. I will supply recommendations to both entrepreneurial titans with regards to various organization matters (Rigby, 2011).


First, A-rod was an international businessperson, environmental campaigner and a human rights activist given birth to in The united kingdom. She was your founder from the company “The Body Store. ” This is certainly one of the world’s most powerful retailers of cosmetics and also other related items. The Company was the first to proscribe the usage of components analyzed on pets or animals. The Company was also the first to promote good trade, particularly in the third world countries. The organization developed and retailed natural products that helped in surrounding ethical consumerism. She was also linked to campaigning to get social and environmental issues, including The Big Issue and Greenpeace. Roddick was your founder of kids on the Advantage in 1990. This charity aimed at helping disadvantaged kids in Asia and East Europe (Boyett Boyett, 2000).

On the other hand, Jane Kay lung burning ash is an American businessperson. The girl with a futurist entrepreneur, active speaker and a visionary entrepreneur. The traits elucidated her powerful entrepreneurial and leadership expertise within her community. Your woman was the president of Jane Kay Inc. Her accomplishments and accomplishments undoubtedly left an unforgettable tag on many organisations, opened many opportunities and doors for women all over the globe to have, and achieve success on their own terms. The charming, innovative, and optimistic woman fought the barriers your woman encountered inside the male-dominated contemporary society (Miller, 2012).


Anita Roddick exposed her initial body store entirely out of desperation. She opened it with the aim of sustaining the life of her children and herself when ever her partner travelled to South America. Her key idea was to provide skincare in storage units that were of sample sizes and refillable containers. Your woman hoped to market them with truth rather than hype. She developed cosmetic products out of every ingredient the girl could identify in her garage. Her first store was in Brighton, England, constituting of only fifteen products. She surely could finance the shop, using her hotel as a assurance. Her cosmetics contained pieces that women found in their cleansing rituals (Shavinina, 2013).

Having its popular with regard to the products and a strong environmental flare, A-rod was able to open up a second store within only ten a few months of her husband becoming gone. The clients wanted to sell the merchandise, and in the year 1984, the firm travelled public and spread dispenses in England. Presently, the Body Shop Company provides over one particular, 980 stores and over 80 million customers in fifty different marketplaces. These markets serve consumers in over twenty-five several languages. This success places Roddick’s really worth at above $200 mil. In the year 06\, the organization became an independent supplementary managed by the L’Oreal Group (Crossan, Gandz, Seijts, Stephenson, 2010).

On the other hand, Ash opened up a business away of stress. She began by earning a living for an organization referred to as Stanley House Products. Ash won the title “Queen of Sales” and became the top sales producer. The lady was frustrated and disappointed that the lady did not receive the importance your woman deserved. The reason is , men which were less gifted than her were given inclination. In 1952, she was hired with a company called World Gift Co. It truly is here that she confirmed her skillsets and skills as