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Anthony Nicholas Group was established in 1949 and is the leading native jewellery business in Ireland employing 230 people. The Group already implemented an IT technique in the form of back-office systems and software.

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However the software was inflexible mainly because it offered not any scope pertaining to organizational expansion in addition to being older, slow and unreliable.

Therefore the management considered the option of expanding an Internet existence that would together upgrade the back-office systems and software.

The setup was to always be financed by the Enterprise Ireland in europe e-business Velocity Fund Initiative. Because of the growing online marketplace the THAT strategy was considered to be the critical accomplishment factor.

The result was imagined to consist of two parts: back business office and e-business and website development. Even so the implementation procedure had several problems like the project group underestimated the real scope with the project to ensure that there were problems related to holdups hindrances impediments and unanticipated pressures upon internal methods.


In implementing the IT technique, the Group followed the strategic conjunction process. This process occurs in iterations among four stages: IT technique, business technique, organizational problems and information systems issues.

The IT strategy of launching the e-business platform was lined up to the organization strategy of improving customer care. This position between THAT strategy and business technique was maintained with organizational issues regarding forming the project group which included the Managing Movie director, Financial Control mechanism and IT Manager.

The workload of managing change on the workforce was great as it took place organization-wide. This problem was dealt with through hiring temporary staff. Finally information systems concerns were resolved through working the new system and the old system in parallel in order that if there have been any insects in the new system, this wouldn’t affect the procedures in the organization.

Following the ideal alignment process enabled the Group to conduct the managing difference in alignment together with the strategic concentrate of the the company.

Regularly this conjunction is lost because the management may not have the necessary THAT strategy even though the employees will be unwilling to cooperate in the implementation leading to user resistance. The management addressed the two problems throughout the strategic positioning process. However there were still delays in completing the installation with time and according to finances because the software specifications needed to be changed in accordance with the organizational structure.

As a result there was some degree of personalization involved which has been facilitated through demonstrations and site trips. They were the foundation upon which dealer selection was made. They allowed the Group management to communicate with the supplier regarding the end-user needs so that the final product was completely customized towards the organizational composition. This is the crucial success factor since or else the end result is always to introduce something that does not operate thus contributing to user level of resistance.

As stated in case the housing market for full retail list prices is characterized by a high level of competitive rivalry and the usage of the Internet in sales and marketing is usually well established.

And so the Group’s present IT technique is very much in line with creating a placement that would allow Anthony Nicholas to meet the entire business approach of showing their products and interacting with absolutely free themes online. In implementing the IT technique the company acquired two is designed: establishing a business-to-business ecommerce capability and an Internet business-to-consumer facility.

The aims had been addressed by e-business approach. However approach was not supposed to increase yield, it was really an addition to the current service levels.

The business-to-business ecommerce strategy was implemented through Solvar which incorporated the manufacturing and wholesale procedure while the business-to-consumer strategy was implemented through the ‘Fields of Dublin’ site. These two segments made the data systems international so that the managing could increase.