How to properly design the skills section for a professional resume

If you find yourself in a situation when you need to get a new job, then please understand that this should be taken as seriously as possible. Often this is similar to the process of selling a car. You possess and the most distinctive aspects of the experience.

This is done to attract the attention of a potential employer most effectively, and also to continue the conversation in the framework of the upcoming interview.

To know exactly what qualities one needs to indicate in the corresponding section of the resume. Make sure to read our recommendations. And then the chances will be much higher.

Most popular skillset for a high-quality resume

To date, recruiting specialists recommend dividing all the skills that a candidate possesses for hard and soft skills. Hard skills are practically the qualifications that a candidate needs to conduct activities in the workplace. In other words, these are the abilities one can train.

The most effective and accessible hard competencies

Today the following hard skillset gains popularity:

  • Graphic design;
  • Daily routine planning;
  • SEO/SMM Marketing and Promotion;
  • Structured Data Analysis;
  • Professional Copywriting;
  • Basic knowledge of computer programming languages;
  • Knowledge of foreign languages;
  • Accounting Basics;
  • Basis of financial modeling.

Listing soft skills in the resumes

Even though soft skills become much more valued than technical capabilities, they are not so easy to measure. Nevertheless, these interpersonal qualities which make it much easier for the colleagues to communicate and cooperate with you. It’s a direct indicator that you interact well with the surrounding business environment and, accordingly, more effectively fulfill the set tasks.

List of the most effective soft skills to date

Look through the next soft competencies in high demand today:

  1. Top written and verbal communication skillset;
  2. Organization capabilities;
  3. High level of teamwork;
  4. Punctuality;
  5. Critical thinking;
  6. Clear social position;
  7. Creativity;
  8. Adaptability to difficult situations.

Why does an HR manager need to see the skills?

A long list of abilities can seem fantastic to a potential employer. Thought, it does not entirely answer the question of how effective you will be at your workplace. In other words, the skillset that you listed does not guarantee the employer that the existing set of skills meets all the requirements for a job. However, if your abilities will correspond to the duties listed in a particular vacancy, then an HR manager will definitely mention you.

Nevertheless, what to do if you do not have the necessary skills? Does this mean the end of the road?

Do not worry about this case. Every cloud has a silver lining. Every vacancy that you will consider might have a list of hard and soft skills that you must possess. So, a jobseeker can take some time to master the competencies that he/she doesn’t have, to become a better candidate.

Features of compiling a list of personal skills

After everyone has already understood what soft and hard skills each candidate should have, one needs to start creating the competencies following the vacancy. Arrange all the abilities in a hierarchy. In this case, first of all, list the most competent skills, and then divide them and additionally on hard and soft capabilities.

Later, one can compare the list with the skillset listed in the vacancies in the market. If someone encounters a situation where he/she will miss one or two critical qualifications when one can do the following:

  1. The first option will be to try to find another job where a list of your abilities will be more suitable;
  2. Try to explain to the potential employer that you can master the necessary qualifications in a short time. And at the same time, it will not affect the performance of essential duties at the workplace.

Depending on the vacancy, the list of qualifications may locate in different places in your resume. Before any jobseeker decides and chooses a specific sector, it’s obligatory to check out the examples of professional subjects that are posted on the Internet.

Where’s the best place to list skills for maximum effectiveness?

Today, experts identify several options for how to place personal skills in your resume for maximum effectiveness. Make a list of your abilities and compare them with the capabilities indicated in the future vacancy.

Anyway, an applicant can consider the following options:

  • A separate section;
  • Additional sector after the resume;
  • A highlighted section for technical specialists.

In some online examples, you can often find the part for a skillset located at the bottom of the resume. Such an approach is most relevant for specialists where previous experience is the primary value.

For the skills part to become a critical sector in the entire resume, place it directly at the top of your document. Thus, you demonstrate all the abilities at once. This method is suitable for vacancies, where the indication of the most attractive parties of the candidate is the priority.

Let’s imagine that you’re considering a position that has a specific set of qualifications inherent to technical or engineering jobs. Most likely, the official employer will first want to make sure that you have the appropriate skillset. In this case, one can place the qualifications at the top of the document immediately after the Resume Purpose section. Keep in mind that you should always feel ready to be asked questions for each of the qualifications mentioned.