Revision policy

We have a team of expert writers who are dedicated to writing top-notch non-plagiarized assignments. You can score brownie points and be the topper in your academic course by choosing our services. A wide array of students prefers to opt for our services on a wide scale as we revise the assignment, on your request, without any extra money.

If you are not happy with the assignment, written by our experts, you can reach out to us for revisions of the paper. Our ultimate goal is offering top quality academic help to the students.

Thus, you can reach out to us for a revision of the assignment, our experts have written for you without charging any money. You need to accomplish the below-mentioned eligibility criteria to ask for a revision:

Be consistent with the instructions

You should ensure that the directions of the revisions, you are asking, should be following the previous instructions of the assignment. Our experts will not rewrite the assignment on another topic.

The right revision request

You need to keep in mind that it is possible to ask for a revision through call or email. You need to make use of our unique revision request button which is available on the personal order page.

Deadline of one week

If the customer has approved the assignment, written by one of our expert writers, they are eligible to ask for a revision. However, you need to remember that after the approval of the order, you need to ask for the free revision within a week.

At times, the order might require major edit and revisions. There may be a bunch of reasons why you need to rewrite the assignment from scratch or you might want major changes in it. In such a case, you need to pay additional fees, which vary in each case.

For an estimation of the fees, you should reach out to our customer care department. You also need to pay a certain fee if you ask for the revision after one week, after the approval of the order is completed.

The period of seven days is not sufficient for the revisions of the dissertation, full thesis, and similar bulk orders. They are subjected to the Progressive Delivery feature where the customer will receive the order in parts, as they are written by our experts. You can ask for a revision for the orders, having the Progressive Delivery feature within three weeks of the first approval.

In certain conditions, we can provide an extension of the revision deadline, as per the requests of our writers. However, you need to request for the revision within the specific deadline. You can ask revisions from a different expert. However, you have to give us some additional time for finding another expert writer for you.