Moneyback guarantee

There is a wide array of business organizations that stand out of the ordinary in offering academic writing services. However, you need to keep in mind that not each one of them provides a money-back guarantee to the customers.

On the other hand, there are companies which do not return your payment even if you have complaints with the assignments, written by their expert. We stand second to none in this regard as a bunch of clients rely on us as they opt for our academic research writing services.

The ultimate objective of our paper writing services is satisfying the clients. There are rare conditions when our customers have asked for a refund. However, at a certain point in time, the customer definitely deserves a refund.

Every company should ensure to maintain the transparency for providing the ultimate satisfaction and experience to the potential buyer. Our money-back guarantee is considered to be a clear and specified guideline where we have stated different conditions as well as circumstances, under which the end-user is entitled to receive a refund from us.

  • We have a policy, which ensures a hundred percent refund

Cancellation of orders

If the buyer intends to go for a cancellation of the placed order and we have not assigned the work to any of the writers.

Errors in payment

The customer is entitled to receive a refund if he has made any errors in the payment. In case he has made payments for two same orders or by mistake, he had paid for a similar order twice, he will get a refund.

There is no suitable writer for your work

If you fail to find a suitable expert to comply with your requirements, we ensure to refund your order.

If the order has reached the customer late

If we have failed to deliver the paper within a certain timeline to the customer, and he does not need the paper anymore, he is entitled to receiving the refund. In this case, the customer will get a complete refund.

However, he is not going to receive the paper. Also, the customer will not be eligible to use either of the documents of the paper, as written by our customer. The buyer needs to remember that this condition is not applicable to the late revisions.

Refund of different percentage

If the customer has received the payment after the timeline is over, they can claim for a late refund. A late price refund structure has been set for the delays in delivery and it varies with the time, the buyer has got the assignment.

We calculate the refund amount by the difference between the current price and the actual payment, done for the assignment. For instance, you have made a payment of $200 for the delivery of a paper within a period of three days, however, under unavoidable circumstances; the order was delivered to you after the timeline of three days and fifteen hours.

Let’s say, the rates of the similar order was $180 before the three days and fifteen hours, the buyer is entitled to get a refund of $10.

The customer feels that the delivered paper is not satisfactory or substandard

In this kind of unfortunate or rare condition, you might ask for a free revision. You can ask for another writer to revise the assignment. In such cases, the buyer can reach out to the customer care department and ask to put the assignment on “Dispute” status. The customer might want a refund, but they need to keep the following points in mind:

  • The customer needs sincere and strong reasons for supporting their claim

They need to give us some time to solve the issue

The customer support department has to send the order to the Quality assurance department. They need to reach out to the experts and ask for additional resources for verifying the claim, as made by the customer. Completion of the above-mentioned activities is going to consume time.

The refunds for the specific assignments which are under dispute are different. We cannot ensure any fixed amount for such orders. Every case is resolved and analyzed in a different way and we determine the amount of refund through extensive and thorough scrutiny.

In case the buyer has to send us extra materials for solving the issue and they fail to provide the prerequisite stuff within the timeline of two weeks, the procedure for resolving the dispute is paused without any sort of refund. The buyer needs to remember that if they got a refund of 100%, they will not have the right to the assignment anymore.