Will technology make sure progress essay

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Published: 30.04.2020 | Words: 831 | Views: 2102
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In this essay I will believe technology does not ensure improvement. The 1st main strategy that needs to be clarified is ‘technology’. This paper acknowledges the idea ‘technology’ being the application of research, especially to industrial or commercial goals. The additional key concept ‘progress’ through this essay is identified as a steady improvement, as a culture or world. I am arguing the concept of technology does not make sure the concept of progress because there are certain technologies which may have hurt world in various methods.

Furthermore, not every technologies guarantee progress.

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Researchers have created different technologies pertaining to various factors. It is evident that not most of these technologies will be for the steady improvement of a world or civilization, but rather for private gain. When a certain technology was created to give a farmer a better yield of crop, although this particular technology leads to the death of your ecosystem, it is not progress or in other words it brings steady improvement to a society or world because it destroys the delicate balance of life as well as biodiversity.

The loss of biodiversity will harm civilization over time because the foundations of life depend on it.

Some people may think that certain systems are the accurate path for humanity, although certain technology can express into issues that people will not expect and hurt culture by doing so. As an example, if experts could anticipate that aliens would take over the earth if perhaps they made a spaceship that could reach them, although the scientists had not planned on locating earth invaders; surely they might have thought otherwise. This is certainly an extreme model that has obviously not happened, but the birthday of atomic energy is a good example of technology that’s intended reason for giving houses and industrial sectors power demonstrated itself right into a bomb intended for the military. Some may possibly argue that the atomic blast ensured progress for the American’s and allied causes, yet certainly the Japanese world where the explosive device was lowered during the Ww2 did not find progress with this technology because it killed many harmless people and destroyed facilities.

Certain technology are critically destroying nature. Thisultimately would not lead to the improvement of a world, but rather can be causing it harm. In the event that technology will keep generating harmful gases and toxic chemicals which in turn poisons the entire world, then it is of no good to civilization mainly because humans need to earth to outlive.

Some readers might target to me responding to that “technology does not ensure progress. Maybe they believe if it wasn’t for technology human beings may never have succeeded in being a prominent figure in the world and we would never have progressed enough to even inquire the question in the first place. There are animals that are more robust, bigger, and faster then simply humans and external components that can destroy humans relaxed, so by simply humans using technology to generate defensive components or shelter for friendliness it has ascertained human success in a universe that can be unforgiving by all-natural things. In the event that my idea of technology continued to be the same (the application of technology, especially industrial or commercial), but the notion of progress converted to (development or growth) the other could solution ‘yes’ for the question; “does technology make sure progress.

This really is evident in the making sector of your society wherever technology provides enabled individuals to build industrial facilities and warehouses to ensure advancement and regarding economics. Precisely the same could be said by keeping the idea of technology regular, but changing the definition of progress to (movement, while towards a goal). Scientist’s movement to create technology can be motivated by achieving desired goals. For instance, a particular product needs to be on the market with a specific deadline, otherwise the project will be terminated, therefore by experts using technology and guaranteeing they perform the job they have shifted forward and reached a target.

It is apparent that there are particular technologies that will help humans build a better society by keeping all of us warm and ensuring food to survive. However , certain solutions have manifested through the development of person that have unquestionably uninsured the progress of humans because it has brought problems for civilization through destruction and death. Most likely scientists and the general public ought to think everything about inventing certain technology. This is much more difficult since nobody can forecast the future and certain technologies might seem like agreat thought at the time, but turn out to be a significant danger to any or all life on earth. This paper by no means can be an signal of which solutions are good to get the enhancement of society, but ideally it will open the discussion between individuals to ask problem; which technology is ensuring progress?