How to write a meaningful CV to get the best job: top examples

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of a good resume, especially in our time, when the competition in the labor market just rolls over, as a result, the specialists easily move from one industry to another. Why is it so important to write a competent CV? The fact is that the head or HR manager has a very limited time frame to find a suitable employee.

200+ Samples of the best resumes with successful resume templates

You can be a fantastic employee, win over people, bring big profits for the company. But the problem is that initially, no one knows this, or probably won’t know if you don’t immediately declare it. So, how do you write such a CV so that you don’t immediately fall into that 80% of candidates that the queue does not even reach? For this, examples of the best CV with templates for compiling CV will help you.

Choose the Right Resume for Your Work Experience

First of all, you need to understand the exact essence of a resume. It’s a brief, true, relevant information about your knowledge, skills, work experience. Many templates can reveal your potential to emphasize your prospects. Therefore, it’s worth starting to choose the best template correspondent to you and your position.

Basic resume types

First of all, it’s worth focusing not on work experience, but rather on a set of skills. Especially if you did not have a break at work, you should pay more attention to skills, achievements.

There are different templates to succinctly highlight the main thing as well as emphasize key qualities:

  • Chronological;
  • Functional;
  • Hybrid;
  • Targeted;
  • Temporary;
  • 2-page expert;
  • 1-page basic.

Finding a CV template isn’t difficult. If you use the Microsoft Office suite, then several worthy resume templates with different layouts are already protected. To use such a template, it’s enough just to create a new document (but not through the icon on the quick access panel, namely File -> Create, after that there will already be a choice of templates.

CV to Promote Your Qualifications

So a good CV isn’t just a document on work experience and skills. This is self-promotion, with the help of which the candidate declares her/his suitability for a particular vacancy. It’s especially important to use keywords because most recruiters use special search engines that select the most suitable candidates to indicated them.

Resume Template to Download

Here you will find an example with templates of a chronological resume, where the candidate indicated the most necessary data.

CV Example

Adrian Summers

10 Paper Road

Portland, OR 97230


[email protected]


Worked as a staff lawyer at Royal Estate for 12 years. My duties included: support of business transactions, represented the interests of the company in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction and magistrates courts in civil, administrative cases. Conducted more than 100 cases – in 80% the decision was made in favor of the company.

The main responsibilities:

  • engaged in the support and registration of real estate transactions;
  • advised realtors or clients of the agency on legal issues;
  • analyzed title documents, verification of title rights of the owner, risk assessment.

Job experience

Royal Estate Inc. – Boston, MA

Lawyer, June 2007 to Present

I received an invitation thanks to the recommendations of the previous employer.

The main responsibilities:

  • Conducted claims work: sent more than 20 statements of claim to the court per month. More than 60% of all conflicts were settled in the pre-trial order.
  • Made coordination and examination of contracts: lease, contract, sale, insurance, and others (more than 20 contracts per month).
  • Coordinated local regulations: orders, orders (more than 10 per month).
  • Town Garden Inc. – Seattle, WA
  • Assistant lawyer, November 2004 to June 2007

I entered work immediately after graduation, having passed the competition. In the first year of work, I received permission to participate in transactions. The responsibilities also included the following functions:

  • Conducted initial verification of title documents;
  • assisted a lawyer in the preparation of legal documents and transaction support;
  • carried out the instructions of the head.

Achievement: I was transferred to the position of a lawyer for a good job.


  • Yale University, New Haven, CT. Master’s degree in law.

So, a correctly compiled CV is your assistant in finding a decent job, so it’s recommended that you constantly develop your skills as well as know-how to create a resume. However, a resume is only a document, it will not replace the wealth of your personality, which means that you need to learn how to effectively present yourself during an interview. And we hope these examples will help you to create a better CV.