What skills should a perfect resume contain?

As soon as it comes to finding a job, the candidates’ personal skills become a unique feature that helps to obtain the necessary position. Moreover, absolutely each of the applicants has an individual set of exceptional abilities and knowledge required for particular jobs. That is why the professional expertise and personal skills of each candidate are vital parameters in the selection for a new position.

The main point is that an HR manager is searching for a candidate who initially has a basic set of soft abilities and knowledge. This, in turn, eliminates the additional waste of training time. Among other things, this means that the employee can fulfill duties quickly and provide a significantly faster return on investment.

However, a logical question arises here: how exactly will the personnel manager learn in advance about the personal skills and abilities of each candidate?

It’s for these purposes that the resume serves. Since the hiring specialist can analyze all the candidate’s abilities in a few seconds and determine which one is suitable for a particular job, if it’s ok, the HR manager will try to arrange an interview. If not, then most likely it will become useless and deleted at once.

Therefore, you need to study precisely what skills are required for each particular position. Also, make sure that these skills are listed in your resume in the appropriate sections.

What does the resume abilities section consist of?

The correctly designed skills section in each resume is intended to demonstrate the hiring company manager what specific skills and experience you have. And also what benefits you can bring for the company in the future. This means that the abilities should appear in the same order the companies indicate in the description for a specific job.

Try to carefully analyze the description of the position and select those keywords and phrases that can best characterize you. Then add these words directly to your resume if it suits your competencies.

There are a considerable number of online tools to help to optimize your resume using the keywords listed in the job description:

  1. RezRunner;
  2. SkillSyncer;
  3. Jobscan;
  4. Zapier.

You need to upload your resume and a list of jobs you’re interested in. A program will determine within a few seconds which skills coincide in your resume and vacancies and which skills are missing. In this case, you can further edit your results and add the necessary words.

Thus, you can draw up the capabilities section in your resume in such a way that the HR managers would drag you much faster among other candidates.

What skills will help to impress an HR manager?

On average, a human resources manager reviews 250 resumes daily. It’s essential to differ from other candidates. Create your resume in such a way as to correspond to all the trends in your vacancy. Hard Skills are a set of capabilities that will help you to stand out among other candidates and obtain the position you’re interested in.

Collection and analysis of data for each candidate

HR managers use modern technology to analyze and collect data for each of the candidates. Such an approach helps to ensure significantly higher efficiency in the selection of future personnel who have maximal growth potential.

Today, the majority of American companies use technological innovations in software to make the recruitment process as efficient as possible. The indication of the necessary soft skills for the selected vacancy is a priority for each of the candidates.

Social media management capabilities

The ability to manage various services on social media is an excellent addition to any resume.

Moreover, the possession of such social network management capabilities is a massive advantage for each of the applicants. At the moment, the bulk of the companies operating in the US market do not want to additionally hire a social media manager and, accordingly, increase the load on the payroll.

So if a future candidate has the capabilities to manage social networks, then a similar approach can significantly change the position and attitude towards the candidate. If a student wrote a term paper or a diploma, and the topic was related to social networks, it’s an excellent occasion to indicate this. Thus, one will get an additional advantage.

Don’t show which particular direction you were involved in managing social networks. Just limit yourself to indicating the time that you spent on this task and whether you could complete it on a professional level.

Website content management capabilities

If you think that creating a design and filling the website is exclusively the work of programmers, then you’re mistaken. Human resource managers quite rightly put forward the requirement for basic knowledge on the leading platforms that currently operate on the Internet. Among these platforms we should mention the following:

  • WordPress;
  • Blogger;
  • Squarespace.

Today, WordPress remains one of the most popular content management systems used around the world. That’s why mastering the management skills in this system is a critical feature for candidates who do not have practical experience.

The most effective way is to take online courses or read specialized textbooks in this area and show them in the list of your skills. Besides, if your level of website management is much higher, then you can create a personal website or an online portfolio. You can include the link in your resume and accordingly demonstrate your achievements to the HR manager.

Top efficient soft capabilities for your resume

According to the report of the International Association of Administrative Professionals, more than 67% of HR managers prefer those candidates who possess the maximum set of so-called soft skills. Moreover, the availability of technical knowledge and skills of each of the candidates may be minimal. But do not forget that the primary purpose of writing each resume is not to get hired but to receive an invitation to an interview.

Mandatory communication skills

Communication skills remain one of the essential skills that each candidate must possess. This all, in turn, includes not only oral and written skills. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, about 74% of employers prefer candidates who have exceptional written communication skills.

To highlight the data on your resume, most competently make sure to edit your resume and take into account all the rules of grammar and spelling. Try to make all the given sentences shorter and then read your resume several times and make sure that all your thoughts have a logical sequence and meaning. Also, you can use additional online programs to check your grammar and spelling and to avoid even the smallest grammatical errors.

Skills for resume needed for solving a problem situation

Each employer hopes that attracting new employees will help to solve problems arising in operational activities. So employees who can provide collective solutions as quickly as possible, even the most challenging problems are precious today. To highlight this competency most effectively, you need to briefly describe the issue that arose and the solutions that you proposed.