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So why should manufacturing companies build smart products and provide intelligent services? What business rewards can be obtained? Provide many examples over and above those discussed in this case. a. Why should companies build intelligent products and give smart providers? I believe that with the technology of today.

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There has to be a means for all those companies, huge or small to invest into smart technology. If they will don’t. Then they will not be competitive with their partners and it will become harder for these to play meet up with new clever technology. n. What organization benefits could be gained?

Well there are many. The workforce may be reduced that can give the business more revenue. The company with smart technology can share their support with other relationships and gain even more privileges to wise technology with time. Your company will have better technology support within the product on its own and not depend on human interference to provide that help. c. Provide many examples beyond those discussed in this case. 1) One of my favorite features would be ADT home security. Not merely can you acquire an alert of your home intruders. However the service can in fact call emmergency 911 on it’s own devoid of you learning it.

ADT also offers real-time surveillance from any computer or cellular phone. They also offer in order to operate the lights, heating system, cooling, and sprinklers. This is certainly smart technology at it’s best. 2) Direct TV moved a long way in smart technology. Not only is it possible to just observe programs via a dish. They are supplying live streaming from your computer or mobile device from everywhere. This makes Netflix pretty much in the dust. 3) Microwaves. Who would know that todays microwaves can use wise technology to adjust cooking with a smart sensor.

With all the types of foodstuff cooked in microwaves. They can detect existence of dampness content to give a nice prepared meal. It can not just push a time and cook. Microwaves are smarter than they ever been. 2 . What information technologies are being used by the businesses in this case to make smart products and provide wise services? How many other IT elements might be utilized? Give instances of the capabilities they would provide. a. What information technologies are used by the companies in this case to build intelligent products and offer smart providers?

1) Experion Process Know-how System (PKS) system of details and procedures technologies which can be deployed at a client’s refinery, nevertheless controlled and monitored remotely via network connections by simply Honeywell. 2) Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG created the ability to monitor its products remotely applying built-in detectors and social networking microprocessors. 3) Home Heart beat is a good sort of smart item and service innovation. Eaton used information technology to build awareness and online connectivity into products it was already selling, turning them in smart items. b.

What other IT parts might be utilized? Satellite is a big element. WIFI is yet another component. c. Give instances of the capacities they would give. Satellite can provide constant updates and system repair to remote control products with no use of man intervention. WI-FI could be used to maintain network connectivity ioin a workplace or business. 3. Exactly what some limits of a clever products and wise services strategy? Give several examples that a business may well encounter, and explain how it might conquer them. a. What are a lot of limitations of your smart companies smart services strategy?

You might be the upkeep of the smart product to fulfill today’s technology. Another would be much less interaction with humans. This might be dangerous as we rely on machines to run each of our business¦ b. Give a lot of examples that a business might encounter, and explain how it might conquer them. 1) Consumers may want something else out of their merchandise than what it provides. Apple is a superb example. With Samsung burning their technology. Consumes face this precise thing. Why go to apple when one other company will offer the same and much more at a compact price.