A highway not taken and stopping by the hardwoods

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? The two Robert Frosts “A Road Not Taken” and “Stopping by the Timber on a Snowy Evening” happen to be about making choices, influencing life. The both reflect on the human characteristics of asking one’s home and their decisions anytime. In “A Road Not Taken” it seems like as if the speaker is definitely upset that they can had not used a different path in life thus he determines to “take the one much less travel by. ” “Stopping By the Forest on a cold Evening” inform us that the loudspeaker is upset and misgivings that they have skipped things is obviously.

Both have to do with the impression of making the wrong choice and facing disappointment in life when both poems are about different situations. “A Highway Not Taken” is about going to a get across road anytime and trying to make the decision which path to take. In my experience it seems as though the presenter has used the popular life style that everyone else surrounding them had and in addition they wanted to do something differently in life.

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The choice to accomplish something different led them to “take the path less traveled”.

“Stopping by the Woods on a Cold Evening” the subject stops to gaze in the beauty of woods yet he leaves remembering that he had a prior engagement. The moods and motivation of both poetry are similar, contemplative and conflicted. Both audio speakers are exclusively on their pathways to make their particular choices in every area of your life. Yet that they seem captivated by the peace that is in the garden in the timber. Both poems tell the fact that speakers have internal conflicts about their lives and the road is used by a metaphor for life. The speakers in both poems use different ways to decide what path to have for different reasons.

Stopping By the Woods on a Arctic Evening the smoothness is facing a decision of life and death when he is looking in the “dark woods” and “frozen lake” great obligations anytime outweigh remaining in the woods in the isolation with the “lovely and “deep and dark” woods. In “The Road Not really Taken” the speaker is confronted with the choice and choice to follow the tradition and take those path many traveled or perhaps take the route less visited. He usually takes the path significantly less traveled and a way goes against the best practice rules of society. He takes time to consider his decision and weighs out his choices if he says “Oh I held the 1st for another day time. “