A relative study with the characters of antonio

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Amigo Brothers

Comparison/Contrast Article

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In the short tale “Amigo Brothers” by Piri Thomas two boys, Antonio and Felix, are forced to fight for the golden safety gloves that they both want. Both equally boys are best friends and train together almost every day. Only one may win the golden hand protection and enhance to become a larger boxer. The fight may harm their particular friendship but also in the end they will both are still friends in spite of the fight. Equally Antonia and Felix have sufficient interesting distinctions and commonalities.

Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas possess several differences. First of all, “Antonio was fair, lean, and lanky, when Felix was dark, brief, and husky (310). inches This demonstrates Antonio is usually tall, and skinny as opposed to Felix who is shorter and bulkier. Second, Antonia and Felix have very different struggling with styles. For example , “Antonio’s trim form and long reach made him the better boxer, whilst Felix’s brief and muscular frame built him the better slugger (310). inches From this you observe that Antonio is a better boxer and it is better on the offensive side, while Felix is much better and being protecting and as being a slugger. Last but not least, Antonio is far more willing to continue a operate in an uncomfortable situation than Felix. As an example when Antonio asks Felix if he would like to continue jogging, Felix says, “Naw, bro. Let’s cut it here. You go upon (312). inches This demonstrates that Antonia really wants to go for a trot more than Felix and that Felix doesn’t need to continue sprinting. Both males, Antonio and Felix, have many great differences.

Antonio Jones and Felix Vargas share many commonalities. To begin with, the two Antonio and Felix collect things. For example , “¦ they’d a collection of Deal with magazines second to non-e, plus a scrapbook filled with torn tickets to every boxing mathematics ever went to, and some clippings of their own (310. )” This kind of shows that they will both gather their tickets to boxing matches and boxing journals. Next, equally Antonio and Felix equally want to get rid of the battle quickly. As an example, Antonio, “Like his good friend in the Southern region Bronx, this individual prayed to get a victory using a quick clean knockout in the first circular (313). inches This shows that both Antonio and Felix want to get rid of the combat quickly with little hassle. Finally, Antonio and Felix like boxing. For example , they the two, “¦ had a dream of getting lightweight champ of the world (310). ” From this it becomes apparent that equally Antonio and Felix appreciate boxing and both need to become battres when they expand up. Unsurprisingly, there are many similarities between Antonio and Felix.

Both boys, Antonio and Felix, have sufficient differences and similarities. Both equally Antonio and Felix appear very different from each other and fight in different ways from each other. Despite their particular differences they will both like boxing, equally collect issues, and both want to end the fight quickly. The similarities and differences among both boys are very significant and provides the two males closer jointly.