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The fist trail on Common’s album, Nobody’s smiling, is a strong drafted testament to the lining city: Areas. He begins his record by talking about part of his struggles in the neighborhood he grew up in. The community this individual describes resonates with many additional inner city kids, who survive through the same challenges every day. This neighborhood can be from “the other aspect of town, out of bounds to anybody who also don’t live around. ” Which implies that if you do not live there previously, there is no purpose you should need to live presently there. It is an location that has been kept down by many people, and a place where the minority is pushed. The life span he is familiar with is one among hopelessness, despair, and filled up with drugs and hustlers. He says “the hustles was the taste makers, and trend setters, they those that fed all of us hopin’ that feds don’t get us. inches

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With this lifestyle, the feds would be the main concern. There is absolutely no way out of what they include, no way to move to a better life, therefore the only issue to turn to can be hustling, and selling prescription drugs. The blame goes towards one individual. With the increased penalties intended for using or perhaps possessing medications brought on by the Reagen place and continued into the Bush administration, lifestyle on the roads turned into lifestyle in jail. Common places this straight onto Bush “The age of Reagan, the dread of Bush. Crack babies, momma’s a push, i was the products of Bush. inches

Common proves his music with a be aware of physical violence in the city. Living in this neighborhood not merely consists of medication dealing, and an ever-pressing threat of any jail sentence in your essay, but likewise unstoppable assault. “Can’t no one stop the violence, for what reason my town keep lyin’? Niggas throw up peace indicators but every person keep declining. ” He feels as if there is nothing at all that can be done to pull them out from the violence, and that there is no help from the outside, and so the community only keeps detraining. If this kind of wasn’t enough to keep persons down, Common also talks about the challenges of racism. With “feds building cases” and “judges who hurtful and filled with hatred” there is just zero winning from this community

Common ” Nobody’s grinning

It track from Commons recording Nobody’s smiling is a very somber song about the assault of the urban city. Throughout the song he rhyme slaying about the police violence that he has experienced in downtown Chicago, il. He identifies the particular forces coming to a household plus the people firing back, a thing that happens frequently: “on the deck when the ops come, pop several, ops operate. This isn’t a game boy, ain’t not any options. inches The physical violence is so prevalent that it is just another every day occurrence at the time you live this sort of life, yet he would it for a cause. Common says “I undertake it for Hadiya and Trayvon Martin. ” He believes that he is fighting to get justice. The 2nd half of the music takes a obvious turn directly towards team violence. The lines “Five versus six, star wars. No stickers, real bullet holes in car gates. Out of ten people who was taken, 7 consumed 9’s two trey 8’s and 1 45” identifies the terme conseillé vs crips and the types of ammunition used to eliminate his crew. Thus enriching the assault between the metropolis and the persons, and amongst the people themselves. Common’s primary point in this kind of rap is the fact living this lifestyle is usually dangerous. By all sides you will find the imminent danger of loss of life, but it is known as a death that is not in vein, it is for the Treyvon Martins and Hadiya’s. This individual ends this kind of song by calling from “celebrities” coming from Chicago. This individual calls out all celebrities that was raised in this lifestyle that are not spreading their wealth and assisting the people that raised these people. He says, “are these celebrities to self conscious to be loyal to the community? I consider my posting check and spread my own royalties around. ” This is certainly a direct attack on hip-hops duty like a culture. Common is struggling with the proven fact that hip-hop probably should not forget about their very own roots, and really should give back to the community, or enlighten these people after they have achieved riches and celebrity. In Common’s point of view, it can be their duty, and the famous people that do not are dissing their own area.