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Advertising contains a significant position in this regarding consumerism. Effective advertisement is crucial for the achievements of the business from this increasingly competitive world. We are witnessing a fresh genre in advertising and advertisements possess evolved from becoming simple justification of products to detailed graphical representations that depict all the fine and varied top features of the products within a visually interesting manner. Today we are taking a look at advertisement as an art in itself, which shows the hidden details of the items in an attractive manner that catches the attention of the consumer. Advancements in Computer graphics technology offers taken marketing to a new heights with three-dimensional projection of products. Allow us to analyze how companies make use of graphics in advertisement because an important web marketing strategy.

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Graphics in Explanation of product features

As we know the objective of advertising is always to increase the understanding of the products among the consumers and to achieve a fair share in the market. Advertising and marketing is effective and achieves the purpose only when it is good in calling the customers. Graphical advertisement is among the most effective type of advertising, inevitably there is very much truth inside the old expressing, “a photo says more than a thousand words. ” Powerful use of graphics combined with short and sharp explanatory text message gives a obvious elucidation and leaves a lasting impression for the customer. A good graphical information coupled with a catching caption makes all the difference between a mediocre and a successful product sales campaign.

Make use of graphics likewise makes it is simpler to highlight all different varieties and the special highlights of the product. The truth is the single graphic add shows all the details regarding the company. The caption “Covered from front to rear” is excellent and steals the attention with the viewer at the same time gives all of us an idea with the nature of the products from the company (Automobile protective accessories). Looking at this kind of add of ‘Weston automotives’ the potential buyer is knowledgeable of the different categories of vehicle accessories the company deals with. Using a sole visual display the company has managed to detail three diverse varieties of goods namely front side guards, valuables management accessories and the Sidesteps. Furthermore making use of the graphical representation has allowed the display of different models of cars fitted with these different