America’s Global War on Terrorism Essay

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At 8: 46 am, on September eleven, 2001, the earth would take witness to a event that will change it permanently. Five hijackers, with the support of a terrorist group named Al Qaeda, crashed a passenger plane into World Trade Center Tower 1, and 17 minutes later a second traveler jet was crashed into World Trade Center Tower 2 . At this point, everyone can keep in mind exactly where they were when they received the news from the attack, however what the majority of American’s didn’t realize is that these events would result in the majority of the world into conflict. This was the 1st time that the United States would participate in a warfare against and idea, terrorism, and not a declaration of war against a country by itself.

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In every warfare that the Usa had been involved with, they had recently been faced against an enemy in the form of a rustic. Whether it had been Spain, Mexico, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, or even against itself, the usa always a new target. These types of “targets” usually had a standard; they were likewise in support of a dictator, king, or even a tyrant.

But with the War on Fear, the United States as well as its allied NATO Nations weren’t taking activities against a rustic; they were choosing actions against an ideology that acquired affected the entire planet. The road of this ideology can be tracked back to 1 man, Osama bin Filled. Osama bin Laden, by using the United States, pressured an invading Soviet The ussr out of the nation of Afghanistan in the 1980’s. Then, together with the support of the radical Islamic state, and the formation of any radical group calling themselves al-Qaeda, he declared war on the United States in 1996 (Lansford, Watson & Covarrubias, 2009).

Bin Packed was cited saying, “If the idee for jihad against the Jews and the Americans…is considered a crime, then permit history be considered a witness that I am a criminal (Lansford, Watson & Covarrubias, 2009). ” With this foundation of hatred to Western influence in the modern world, Osama bin Laden and his major group al-Qaeda instigated a War up against the world. The group al-Qaeda has considered responsibility of numerous terrorist disorders against the United States and its sibling countries. From your World Trade Center attacks of 2001, to the Spain subway bombings of 2005, al-Qaeda have been at the center of those terrorist disorders. Unfortunately, contrary to most wars declared against a country, al-Qaeda has beginnings in many countries.

They’ve been linked to attacks in: Africa, The european union, North America; are thought to have ties to other terrorist cellular material like the Taliban, and the Ground-breaking Armed Required of Republic of colombia; and are recognized to have cellular material based in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan (Lansford, Watson & Covarrubias, 2009). Former Leader George Bush described al-Qaeda as “a fringe kind of Islamic extremism that has been rejected by Muslim scholars as well as the vast majority of Muslim clerics; a perimeter movement that perverts the peaceful teachings of Islam (Holloway, 2008). ” This declared Battle with Terror was against terrorist groups, like al-Qaeda, but many did assume that the Former President had a invisible agenda.

While using attacks of September 11th, a new overseas policy referred to as, “Bush Regle, ” was implemented by the Bush government. The “Bush Doctrine, ” which the Rose bush administration hardly ever called the new foreign policy was based about four ideas: to make no distinction between terrorist and the countries holding them, take the fight to enemies international before they can attack the United States, confront risks before they may become threats, and promote democracy instead of terrorist ideology (Holloway, 2008).

At the start of the war, the American people becoming full of patriotism and seeking revenge for the 9/11 attacks had been in 100% agreement with this coverage, but as time passed and the years that the “war” moved on, a growing number of are in less support and just desire the United States armed service to be provided home to. Towards the end of Chief executive Bush’s second term, started to be under constant attack due to the battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was charged of entering Iraq under false pretenses of: guns of mass destruction, and a direct influence of 9/11 by Saddam Hussein’s plan (Holloway, 2008), a level that our current President, Barack Obama, accustomed to his benefit during his initial plan.

Yet, despite the fact that Former Chief executive Bush was attacked and scrutinized about his procedures, he was standing by his initial perception that his “Global War on Terror” was against an ideology, and not a certain region. Whether or not the current 10-year conflict was actually waged against Osama Bin Packed, Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, or any different tyrant is actually unknown, of course, if the September 9/11 disorders were hoaxed and just a coercion intended for the American people to always be tricked into war, who have knows.

What can be noted is this; the War on Dread is the new that the Usa has declared war on a thought, a way of your life, and not against a country of its own, and because of this, the true length of this kind of war has the capacity to last forever. Holloway, D. (2008). 9/11 as well as the war on fear [electronic resource] / david holloway.

Edinburg University Press. Lansford, To., Watson, R., & Covarrubias, J. (2009). America’s battle with terror [electronic resource] as well as by tom lansford, robert p. watson and jack covarrubias. (2nd ed. ). Burlington, VT: Ashgate.