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Americans aren’t easily identified. All Americans come from different backgrounds and ethnicities. No two citizens are exactly the same. Each one comes from a different part of our lives. This combination of cultures brings about a mixture of tips and morals. America pledges to all people the rights to protect and embrace their very own differences, whether or not they be ideological or physical variations. This is one particular reason why I actually am happy to be a north american. I was proud to become an American due to all the promises this great country has to offer with each of it is citizens.

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America has constantly valued the idea of individualism and the importance of their citizens personal beliefs. America has consistently provided and guarded the individual legal rights of the citizens. Specific rights include, however not really limited to, the freedoms approved to people in the Invoice of Privileges, ratified in 1791. America promised it is citizens liberties such as liberty of conversation, religion, set up, and request. These, as well as other rights, had been fundamental freedoms that America believed every single citizen must be promised. Throughout America’s history, including present day, people around the world have desired to deprive Americans by these freedoms. Terrorists groupings from world wide have completely killed many Americans for disagreeing with them. America has and will combat to protect citizens’ and upcoming citizens’ rights from the damaged evils of the world. I am proud to be an American mainly because America will not stand for any kind of actions like those of terrorists to deprive Americans of our rights.

I have always adored America’s will certainly to help all those in require. Not only by actions of democracy or perhaps diplomacy, yet also by the actions of yankee citizens for just one another. Just lately, in late Aug of 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated regions of the the southern area of United States. Following your storm, People in the usa went directly to work to aid those afflicted with the thunderstorm. Neighbors comforted neighbors following losing a great deal from their lives. Many charities contributed to manage their many other Americans. Even professional players contributed to pain relief efforts. L. J. Watt, a protective lineman to get the Harrisburg Texans helped raised over $37 , 000, 000 to contribute to a trigger that helped countless People in the usa. What I appreciate about the response to this kind of disaster was your fact that not just a single person was forced to help. People in america reached out to manage their own once times acquired tough. My spouse and i am pleased to be an American knowing that others would help me just as I would personally help them in a time of want.

Americans satisfaction themselves for his or her differences, for their individual morals, and their specific morals. I am proud to say i am a north american for these same reasons. We am pleased with our country’s accomplishments and I am happy to say that I am going to be a part of this amazing country’s bright foreseeable future in the time to come.