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Many countries’ agricultures sector has verified phenomenal creation capacity to dominating the world cultivation supply but one of the most tough business sectors. It is battling to attain an inclusive growth and round development for decades. This involves multiple risk elements for the farmers, cpus, intermediaries, suppliers, retailers plus the firms begin that are to be managed. The descriptive examine attempts to spot, evaluate, and explore the numerous relationship among financial risk and sustainable agriculture sector. This analysis chronologically demonstrates structured set of questions across some categories, also encompasses the influencing elements shaping the perception of farmers and agro business specialist through quantitative analysis. This analysis furnishes some independent variables which are recognized through correlation and multiple regression approach to show the significance level with appropriate approaches also to review and evaluate their efficiency towards perception of agricultural sector, this can add worth to the world as well as an exemplary exploration for prospective researchers. The research suggests the policy surgery needed to reduce risk and sustain Bangladesh agriculture sector.

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Agriculture plays a vital role in Bangladesh’s monetary growth. Overall economic advancement the country depends on the progress agriculture sector. Due to numerous factors, Bangladesh’s labor-intensive cultivation has attained steady embrace food wheat production regardless of unfavorable climate. One of the major constraints that has been limiting sustainable growth and development of this sector is scarcity of finance amongst the poor farmers and others financial risks. This constraint can be defeat through right form of plans to reduce risks and encourage effective strategies.

This is a descriptive research. Descriptive research is accustomed to illustrate features of a population or trend being analyzed There are diverse methods of exploring on a matter (Experiment, Review. Cross-sectional or Longitudinal examine, History, Case study, Ethnography Actions research, Story inquiry) and we heeded Review Research strategy here. This is a popular business/management research approach. It enables the collection of quantitative data that can be reviewed through ‘Descriptive Statistics’. It is crucial to promote that our test is completely representative. This daily news narrates an investigation of the financial risk factors that control agriculture and agribusiness in Bangladesh. Non-probability purposive sampling method continues to be adopted to collect data just for this study. In this regard, a questionnaire was created with determined 15 factors that are linked in the cultivation sector market by using five-point Likert weighing scales rating from “strongly consent to strongly disagree”. Responses received from a focused group who will be directly engaged with culture sector or agribusiness in Bangladesh. The sample size was 30 where respondents were from stakeholders of agribusiness, workers, farmers/producers, supplier/ retailer, monetary managers of financial institutions, most responses received through personal interview, phone conversation and email. In accordance with the objectives of the study, this hypothesis can be developed to get testing: Figure-1: Summary of data collectionH0 (Null): There is no significant relationship among financial risks with a lasting agriculture industry. H1 (Alternative): There is a significant relationship among financial exposure to possible a sustainable agriculture industry.

There are fifteen factors derived from 12-15 questions that were designed for collecting data in the sample population. From the above data it is cleaned that most with the respondents strongly agreed and agreed with the identified factors. So there is a positive relationship with their opinion and variables. Correlation Examination is used to exhibit the strength of a relationship amongst identified variables. It identified the strength of marriage of parameters into 4 categories when it comes to directions:

1 ) nonlinear romantic relationship

2 . Good positive marriage

3. Fragile positive romance.

5. Strong negative relationship.

The relationship coefficient may range in benefit from -1 to plus one. The larger the value implies the better relationship among variables. From the data research it is identified that variables are favorably, negatively correlated with each other.

Interpretation of result: One of many variable immediate selling offers positive romance with demand/ supply where showing unfavorable relationship with credit facility. Thus by correlation analysis represented strength of romantic relationship with other variables. Regression evaluation is used to assess the affiliation between or more independent parameters and just one continuous based mostly variable. To try the speculation, one way ANOVA has been employed. For executing this study there are two hypotheses with significance level, α=0. 05, the hypothesis are H0 (Null): There is absolutely no significant marriage between financial risks having a sustainable farming industry. H1 (Alternative): There is a significant marriage between monetary risk for a sustainable agriculture industry.

The fundamental strategy of ANOVA is to methodically examine variability within organizations being in contrast and also look at variability among the groups staying compared. The null hypothesis in ANOVA is always that there is no significance relationship with means and alternative speculation contradict the null hypothesis. [image: ][image: ][image: ]Model of end result: Two ways can be followed to ascertain whether null hypothesis can be accepted or rejected. You are comparing by simply F-test benefit with important value, if perhaps F- evaluation value is greater than important value that is certainly F>sej. F, the null hypothesis would be rejected and another way is assessing P-values with Significance level, α=0. 05, if G values are less than α=0. 05 that is P

Prospective risk mitigation tactics: Mitigating monetary risks in the agriculture sector are very challenging but the presence rate may be lessened by forming right and relevant crafts. The subsequent artifices can easily play an essential role to alleviate or decrease risks from your agriculture sector. Such as:

¢ Avoiding susceptibility to risk

¢ Crop diversification and Intercropping

¢ Diversification of livelihood resources

¢ Appropriation of forwarding cropping approaches (fertilization, irrigation, resistant varieties)

¢ Stream stock addition of plants or liquid assets

¢ Crop sharing informal risk pool area (contract promoting, future promoting, insurance)

¢ Coping with débauche (Ex-post tactics, social assistance, social funds, government offers, cash copy

¢ Lowering risk simply by evolving in capacity building

¢ Fabricator and Agribusiness Client Skills

Solution to conquer weakness and challenges

Farmer’s presence in the developing world is full of contingencies. The study offers there is a important relationship among financial risk and environmentally friendly agriculture sector of Bangladesh. The research provides fully identified the major financial risks and pinpointed the weights of them on farmers’ endurance in Bangladesh. All those gardening risks should chronic and far-reaching adverse impacts upon farmers’ existence. State insurance plan missteps in executing the agricultural risks and insufficient known superintendence artifices have got sparked the researchers to build up a process of bargaining the agricultural risk. The state will need to spend even more consideration to these risks and continuation and field solutions should consider their very own obligations to handle the risks in the agriculture location.

Farming policy change may be essential to remove historic biases against agriculture, to assist the sector become successful, and eco friendly. This work must be maintained a strong legal and regulatory framework. Long term superintendence reducing financial risk from culture sector to get:

¢ Expanding information program ” a vital component of many agricultural risikomanagement strategies can be access to information. Market data systems have great influences upon selling crops and animals, helping makers to improve prices received and better coordinate the timing of sales all year round. Weather data systems help farmers make decisive creation and marketing decisions.

¢ Empowering rural economical services- using a financial practice in a strong manner portion rural areas, is the best and sole most relevant program pertaining to letting powerful risk management. Entry to strong local personal savings institutions may allow declaring no to prop to sell if the price is maximum and purchase when it is lowest.

¢ Advertising market-based cost risk management “Have to promote several mechanisms, including buffer stocks and selling price bands, accustomed to pursue price stabilization targets. Governments may want to adopt an energetic role in facilitating the first development of type markets, beating technical difficulties, and making sure the concerns of the poor are effectively discussed.

¢ Aimed towards worth of cash transfers and safety net courses “Such applications fall into two levels ” poverty protection nets to ensure survival or perhaps reduce low income, and transition assistance applications that support producers adapt new marketplace realities or production captivity. Cash transfer programs can easily yield significant extension benefits through income multipliers, stemming from an increased household expense.

¢ Experimenting new passageways to agricultural insurance “The potential to render powerful insurance pertaining to rural manufacturers is guaranteeing, and it appears likely that new insurance products may possibly ultimately turn into widely attainable and reviewed routinely by private insurance industry. Discipline testing must be continued to aid the market to develop and market insurance products valuable to poor farmers occasionally.

¢ Highlighting tragedy planning rather than release “Innovative invasions to address distinct tragedy needs without compromising tragedy risk-management manners either haven’t been called or have been designed badly. These interferences need to be up to date by audio technical analysis of how they can be better targeted, carried out, and evaluated as to all their impact and sustainability.