An overview in the tourism market in florida

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Located in Gainesville, Alachua County in Florida, the agency suggests guests to areas they should visit surrounding the county. It gets its revenues through the taxes levied on the visitors when they remain in various establishments in the county. Regarding it is contribution for the tourism sector, the firm recommends tourist destinations for tourists in Fl and Alachua County. The agency promotes and advertises tourism places on behalf of Alachua County pertaining to both international and local vacationers. The employees with the agency work for the Alachua County and they strive to industry the holiday destinations in the state to ensure that the tourist sector in Florida succeeds.

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Visitors coming to watch meals games in Ben Hill Griffin Arena and other facilities are the focus on of Check out Gainesville in that the organization tries to persuade them to live in various establishments in the state as travelers. Business meetings also provide tourists that the agency targets in its promotional activities. People going to business or perhaps leadership conferences in Alachua County will be customers in the agency for the reason that they should move through it for them to learn much about the conferencing facilities in the region. Cultural festivals also provide visitors that the company serves as that tries to prove to them tourist destinations in Alachua.

Regarding the quantity of tourists, the agency provides per year, the interviewee mentioned that they serve about 2 . 1 million tourists annually. The office in the tourism product sales manager with the agency provides records demonstrating that the firm contributed about 4. being unfaithful million us dollars of profits to the tourism industry in the county.

Interviewee background

The educational qualifications of the interviewee shows that the girl holds a degree in hospitality from the University of Port orange fl. At the university, the interviewee undertook different internships in hotels and restaurants to develop her experience in travel and lodge management. She also did an internship in catering as a method of extending her understanding in the resort industry. She later received a job having a restaurant being a store administrator after graduation. At the agency, the interviewee, Kelly Aleman is a travel and leisure and product sales manager. Certainly one of Alemans tasks is to assist event organizers to encourage them about the tourist destinations they must choose for their particular events. Also, she advises venues pertaining to events for event planners. Her recommendations are based on the necessity to help the county earn in the tourism function of the agency. Aleman likewise works with accommodations and suggests them within the customer needs.

Concerning her journey to the current position, Aleman signifies that her qualifications being a degree holder in food propelled her to the location. She also implies that her vast encounter in managing restaurants have been part of this kind of journey. Her love for working with groups also has written for her staying appointed to the current position. The lady gained her experience via internships and working with restaurants and as such within the journey with her position. The journey is actually not easy in this she has to go to meetings, awaken early and meet company and personal goals.

Future Estimations

Aleman predicts a great upsurge inside the number of travelers that will require the services from the agency and recommends which the establishment improves its lodging facilities to cater for even more customers. Also, Aleman predicts that the organization will need to boost its bureaucratic positions to cater for long term needs. Aleman predicts an increase in the number of travelers in Alachua County plus the need for the county to purchase accommodation to cater for the increase.


The interview revealed that travel and leisure can only do well with the support of promo and advertising. As Xiao (2012) shows, marketing that aims at advertising tourism actions in a state or condition should be performed by a professional physique. The interview proved this fact since the agency is experienced body that could promote tourism on behalf of Alachua County. The agency knows the needs of the vacationers, and as such, it may work with the facilities that serve tourists to ensure that they give excellent solutions that will entice additional visitors to the county.

Likewise, the interview revealed that travel covers lodge and restaurants, accommodation and attraction sites. These factors are the concentrate of the the organizations in charge of promoting tourism within a State. The agencies should certainly as well suggest the potential visitors on the readily available means of travel from one destination to another because Xiao (2012) suggests. Interestingly, the interviewee did not expose the agency’s involvement in advising vacationers on the means of travel inside the county. Relating to accommodation, the interviewee explained that the agency works with resorts and celebration organizers to advise all of them on the hotel standards that tourists desire.

Even though the interview helped to discover that the county government of Alachua county takes part in tourism of Florida, it did not uncover much about the government involvements beyond the collection of income. Also, the interviewee did not highlight environmentally friendly considerations the fact that agency makes to ensure that travel in the state contributes to the sustainability in the environment. In tourism and tourism teaching, the requirement is that a tourist organization explains their commitment to connecting numerous cultures within their promotion of tourism (Xiao, 2012). The interview located that this expectation is not really given priority by the organization at Gainesville.