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Homeland Secureness


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This paper can be an outline from the Information Technology Specialist job subject within the Section of Homeland Security. This covers the description in the job as well as the duties being fulfilled, the academic and knowledge requirements which have been needed, plus the selection process intended for the job. In addition, it covers how come I would be interested in this job, and how it relates to the criminal justice system.

A career inside the criminal rights system that seemed interesting to me is an Information Technology Specialist employed by the Office of Homeland Security. Presently, I have a great Associate’s degree in Details Security, and I am taking care of my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Network Security. A career dealing with cybercrimes would be a perfect fit once I graduate student. However , before you make a decision, it is important to research the job itself, the scope of the duties, certain requirements, and the selection process before applying.

Location in the Department of Homeland Protection

It is crucial to know the area of the Technology Specialist before you go into the details of the job subject itself. According to the USAJOBS (2015) posting, the position is with the United States Computer Crisis Readiness Team, or US-CERT. The job posting continues to list each department that US-CERT is a a part of, starting with the National Cybersecurity and Marketing and sales communications Integration Middle (NCCIC), then the Office of Cybersecurity Sales and marketing communications, the Nationwide Protection Programs Directorate, finally leading up to the Department of Homeland Security. According to the Countrywide Cybersecurity and Communications The usage Center (2015), “US-CERT builds up timely and actionable data for division to federal departments and agencies, express and local governments, private sector organizations, and international partners. ” (para. 8). Citing the same origin, the National Cybersecurity Safeguard System (NCPS) is also managed by US-CERT, and provides the capabilities of intrusion elimination and recognition to certain federal agencies (para. 8).

Relation to the Criminal Rights System

From this data in the previous section alone, it might be inferred that the role of your Information Technology Specialist has a huge impact on the criminal justice system when it comes to cybercrime. This is certainly mainly because the US-CERT staff is supplying multiple levels of governments with information about the matter. There is certainly additional facts that the US-CERT team has a even larger role than jest portion information. According to Bartley (2015), Andy Ozment was the assistant secretary of the Office of Cybersecurity and Marketing communications, and testified that US-CERT was associated with the research of the Business office of Workers Management crack. Being a element of a legal exploration relating cybercrime, an Information Technology Specialist with US-CERT is no doubt a job heavily related to the lawbreaker justice program.

Job Specifics, Duties, Diploma Requirements and Selection Process

Task Details and Duties

As defined earlier from this paper, the data Technology Expert is a member of the US-CERT staff, which deals with cyberattacks and cybercrime. Going further in to the details of the position itself, USAJOBS (2015) details the specific positions’ primary purpose as “¦ [applying] digital forensic and malware examination to assess, consist of, and get rid of malicious software. ” (para. 2). In addition , assistance with matters regarding digital evidence will probably be provided to other staff (“USAJOBS”, 2015). Therefore , the role with the specific job posting We am taking a look at is focused upon malware and forensics. In respect to Shanks (2014), “Incident response methods can be improved through forensics, memory picture analysis and malware sandboxing techniques. inches (p. 25). Recalling which the US-CERT crew provides government agencies with data regarding cyberattacks, the function of this placement enhances the practice of occurrence response given by the team. Lastly, the USAJOBS posting likewise states that occasional travel and leisure up to 6-10 nights a month is required. Considering that this position is definitely heavily centered in adware and spyware assessment and forensics, it can be safe to talk about that the reason for the travel around is more than likely to buy forensic pictures after a cyberattack for later evaluation.

Qualification Requirements

When it comes to this newspaper, I will only cover the requirements for the minimum level for this job. USAJOBS (2015) prospect lists three several levels of career available, coming from GS-11 to GS-13. Work of Employees Management says that “The General Timetable has 15 gradesGS-1 (lowest) to GS-15 (highest)”, and this “Agencies create (classify) the standard of each work based on the level of difficulty, responsibility, and skills required. inch Given that I really do not have much experience at present, I was only identifying the qualifications for a GS-11 Information Technology Specialist.

The first diploma that will be talked about is the earlier experience necessary. The job posting states that to are entitled to the position, an applicant must have in least one full year IT-related knowledge in a GS-09 level location, or equivalent experience inside the public or perhaps private sector (“USAJOBS”, 2015). USAJOBS also requires that previous knowledge must show 4 standard competencies: Attention to Detail, Customer care, Oral Conversation and Find solutions to problems. In addition to competencies USAJOBS (2015) declares:

¦experience need to include actions such as: 1) assisting in gathering and assessing data related to THAT system reliability, 2) executing forensic research of press acquisitions for the purpose of identifying harmful activities and documenting analytical findings derived from those actions, 3) applying and helping applicable forensic applications and tools, and 4) telling information reliability incidents and escalating incidents, as necessary. (para. 8)

Even though the requirements pertaining to previous encounter seem incredibly advanced, I believe they are doable with work and determination.

The second potential qualification is definitely education. In accordance to USAJOBS (2015), a completed Ph level. D. or perhaps Doctoral degree can be used instead of the one year of GS-09 work experience. This lines up with another article that likewise states a GS-11 location education level is that of a Ph. Deb. or Doctorate (Crosby, n. d). The USAJOBS (2015) posting likewise states multiple other equivalent education alternatives as well, almost all which almost equal the amount required anyhow. This need may be harder to are eligible for than the encounter, and may certainly not be a good investment invested in education. First, a doctorate software can take a few years or maybe more to full, and can cost on average from $123, 500-$181, 500 total (“How Very much Does a Doctorate Degree Expense? “, in. d. ). Second, the GS-11 pay scale only varies from $51, 298 to $66, 688 for an annual salary in 2015 (GS-11 Pay 2015 Federal GS Payscale”, and. d. ). This implies that this option to qualify almost certainly does not make the most financial sense.

One particular last certification that should be mentioned is the 1 regarding security clearance. According to USAJOBS (2015), a candidate must be able to obtain a Leading Secret/SCI clearance to hold it.

Selection Process

The selection process for this job seems to be similar to other work a person would make an application for. According to USAJOBS (2015), you must fill in your resume, any kind of transcripts, and a customer survey. At that point, if qualified, the applying may be passed to hiring officials. Next, the candidate may be offered an opportunity to interview. Overall, the choice process seems very basic.


In my opinion that working as an Information Technology Consultant with the US-CERT team within the Department of Homeland Protection would be a extremely good suit for me, taking into account my software of study and current career path. Carrying out incident respond to cyberattacks and cybercrime is a very important piece of the lawbreaker justice program. Malware research and forensics relating to this certain position might enhance the event response method when coping with cyberattacks. While I may not at present meet the certification, I believe that we could eventually apply for it after graduating and gaining more job history.