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Today, we are going to discuss “The comparison of the English language TV programs for adults and children”. Since the things of a comparability, we select four courses: “えいごであそぼ” and “セサミストリート” are for children; “トラッド・ジャパン” and “3ヶ月トピック英会話” are for all adults. We would like to speak about five items in our display. First of all Let me introduce every single TV programs; next Ayaka will discuss the “Entertainment”; next Keiko will discuss “Output/Input”; then, Risa is going to talk about “pronunciation”, finally, I want to conclude each of our discussion.

Before going to the primary topics, I want to show you the detail of every programs in short ,. “えいごであそぼ” is definitely an English education program for preschoolers and younger principal school children; this broadcasts upon NHK educational channel.

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This software has started seeing that 1990. This season, the program designated its twentieth anniversary. This system is aired from eight: 45 a. m. to 8: 55 a. m. weekdays, Monday to Friday. (Now I will teach you this video for a tiny. ) “セサミストリート” is a college degree program for youngsters produced and directed by an American not for profit TV development office referred to as ‘Children’s Tv set Workshop’/ ‘Sesame Workshop’.

This program continues to be popular among more than 140 counties and parts since its premiere in 69 on American TV. “トラッド・ジャパン” is exhibiting the Japanese tradition in English for and also the.

This is a program that people could become to understand the professional The english language and to speak succinctly and clarity. The program has started since 2009, and you may watch that from 6th: 00 a. m. to six: 20 a. m. in each Tuesday. (I will show you the program. ) “3ヶ月トピック英会話” is a vocabulary program shown from 12: 00 p. m. to 10: 20 p. meters. on every Wednesday on NHK educational funnel. This program has 3 months period for each theme. For example , ‘話して聞き取る!ネイティブ発音塾’ and ‘トップインタビューに学ぶ!自分を語る表現術’ etc . By these topics, we select ‘聴く 読む わかる!英文学の名作場面’ to get today’s demonstration.


Through these talks, we could find various technology of each program. For children, the programs will be produced to pay attention to the purpose for making children incorporate some interests to English. Therefore , the developer especially attempts to reinforce the entertainment employing songs, games, pictures and so forth We identified that kids imitate the teacher’s pronunciation, sentences, phrases, and words more easily than adults. Therefore , it is important to show the second language by the connection of trainers and scholars. As a result, the English reassurance that children can acquire simply by these TELEVISION SET programs will assist you to open many opportunities for these people in the future.

However, the applications for adults are produced to pay attention to the purpose of adaptable contents. Consequently, they can opt for the field the actual really enthusiastic about; they are able to find the topic extensively. We thought there is interactive effect as well: like chat with native speakers. The conversations with native speakers speaking in English allow the learners to be generally fluent in speaking British. Basically, it is crucial to make the spanish student have interest to The english language; however , the most important thing is to create courses tailored for each and every target.