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In the article “Growing up with lower income and violence: A North Lawndale teen’s story” by Daleen Glanten, a teen who is not called is in similar situations such as Malcolm is usually throughout his life as explained by Alex Haley inside the Autobiography of Malcolm X. The teen comes from North Lawndale, Chicago together with his great cousin Barbara. This individual lives in a poverty and violence troubled area wherever his life is at risk day-to-day. In one illustration he was taken at on his way to school. He says “Auntie, somebody can be shooting at me. ” The fixer-upper teen as well adds “All the time, I used to be thinking, I have to get home. I quickly checked my body to see if I was wet (with blood) anywhere. ” Once Malcolm was only half a dozen years old his father was murdered with a group of men against his teachings, “Negroes in Lansingstreetcar to run above him”. The subsequent connection We made between these two occurrences is that the violence in the lives of these kids, cannot be managed. For example the teenager could not fix the issues with gang violence in his town, Glanten provides “The child didnt make the violent culture he lives in. Having been born with it. ” The teen was born the moment his mom was just 14 years older and this individual has never fulfilled his dad. He was brought up by his great grandma and superb aunt. Malcolm in a similar manner was created into rudeness. When his mother was pregnant with him, their family was terrorized simply by KKK users who were against Earl, Malcolm’s father’s teachings. In one event the KKK told the family to leave city “Surrounding the property, brandishing their shotgunsMarcus Garvey”. Malcolm could not change the landscapes of the males who assaulted his dad, it was some thing completely away of anyones control.

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When Malcolm grew up he committed provided robberies and was caught, although the biggest issue was his involvement with white colored women “How, where, the moment had I met these people? white male’s women”. The teenager also had his reveal of jail time in 2015 “That 12 months, he took a car — twice, according to courtroom recordsfrom his candy product sales, he explained. ” Certainly not living in a reliable household might have been what causes the negative outbreak in tendencies from these young men. The teenager did not experience his mom, or daddy and had to have with other family, in a similar manner Malcolm lost his father by a young age group and was separated by his mother who was dispatched into a mental institution, he previously to live with a foster as well as with his fifty percent sister Ella, and was surrounded by medications, alcohol, prostitutes at a young age.

A final interconnection I have manufactured between the two pieces of text are that both Malcolm and the teen longed to create a better life for themselves. Glanten explains the following “She demands that educationnot the life the girl envisions to get him. ” Although the 12-15 year old have not completely decided on what this individual wants to perform with his life, he sees that he wishes a better your life for himself and his upcoming family, he says ‘I consider being grownthe same environment Im in. Malcolm within a likewise way decided to switch his existence around when he was in prison and become more educated “I observed the best thing I really could do was get a hold of a dictionary- to examine, to learn some words”.

In conclusion after analyzing equally texts I really believe that they both share the regular subject of self improvement and just how you will be the only person who can change your life for the better. Malcolm states “In fact, when he is determined been at the end. I call up myself the very best example of that”. He tells the audience that you cannot change every thing around you or maybe the past, but you could endeavor and change your self, Daleen Glanten adds “She insists that education is definitely neighborhood for decades. “