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Extremely Junior is actually a 13-year-old ideal group using a lot of certain strengths, which in turn made those to be probably the most successful performers of Southern Korean.

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Firstly, Super Junior can be described as group of 13 members with diversified talents who can revise and take up to the changing demands and tastes of the local and global environment. They are person artist who also are continuously working to grow their multiple skills in entertainment industry by taking acting, singing, dance and foreign language category to communicate with international followers. With diverse abilities in various types of entertainment, Extremely Junior people can readily absorb neighborhood entertainment and identify their strength to fit into the gap of local artists, the large range of members (13 at their very own peak, 11 now) is also both durability and weakness.

Second, their versatility of affiliate number (sub-unit groups) allow different tests in fresh markets (such as Super Junior M, Super Younger KRY, and so forth ) and new genre of music performance (ballad songs, move RB music or interesting fierce shows, etc . ).

Besides, instead of controlled and handled with other artists under SM Entertainment (SMEnt), Super Jr . has been offered under SJ Label a sub business of SMEnt with separated investment, staff teams and activities as 2015, which in turn brought all of them more chance to stand out not only domestically but internationally. With the management of SJ Label, they just do not have to take on other music artists within SMEnt to get investment and resources.

More than a decade in the industry, they have elaborated themselves with relationship, reputation, experience and electrical power as well as experience to attract new group of followers and countries, good marriage within the entertainment market.

Moreover, the fact that all users are over teenagers could be their probability to be much easier recognized amongst young and early debut youngster bands particularly for international preference of appearance. Now, their particular initial deals, so-called “slave contracts”, were expired so they really are now chasing their own desire rather than being forced to fill up the tight schedule created by the company.

Last but by no mean least, dedicated fans and followers who’ve been supported them for a long time may be the intermediators to their friends, family members or colleagues and not talking about that they are growing up and possess improved salary so that these audiences should be taken into account with special circumstances, they have employed fandom whom are dedicated and focused (like ordering SMEnt stock to support their particular rights, obtaining billboard and advertising to increase their recording and live concert, doing volunteers under Extremely Junior name)

Beside their strengths, they likewise have weakness, some of which are the prevalent of South Korean artists, but the relax might be off their own concerns. Language and culture barrier to enter fresh markets out of their traditional zones (China, Japan or perhaps South East Asia).