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I read an autobiography in the form of a diary. I came across that as it was created in the form of a diary that gave me a far greater idea as to what the main persona was pondering.

The plan of this account is about a girl who a lot more going excellent until the girl meets this kind of supposedly fantastic guy. Eventually things go south and he becomes sexually, physically and mentally harassing. Annie stays on with Danny and quickly becomes pregnant. Before the lady knows it shes a Mom. The girl realizes ultimately that she simply cannot give her baby everything that deserves so she gives it to a loving couple who is unable to have children. Her mom gets a new work they push away and get on with their very own lives.

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The key character in book is definitely Annie. The girl with fairly desirable with green eyes, grubby blonde curly hair and a slender build. She is 14 years old and involved in golf and soccer.

Danny the additional important character in this book is of sixteen tall, dark and good-looking. And an important strength for the boys soccer team. He has a in your free time job for his dads restaurant.

Annies mother is very supportive and loving. The girl teaches in a local high school graduation. (She takes on a minor role)

Mary Ann is Annies baby the girl enters later on in the story. She was created 2 weeks premature and does what a common baby dose.

Well major conflicts that arises can be between Annie and Danny. One evening they went to a party, on the way home Danny was adament on making love, Annie refused. After a brief while Danny became impacient and attempted to rape Annie, he was not really successful. My spouse and i dont learn how but your woman forgave him and extended to date him. One nighttime on the way out somewhere Danny mysteriously remembered that he had forgot a thing at home. So they delivered to his house then Danny required that Annie strip pertaining to him. When she refused he became furious, started calling her every identity in the book to become violent. He then forced him self upon her and raped her savagely. When he was done this individual through her out as though she were yesterdays trash.

In the end this their particular relationship continued so did the assault and the sexual intercourse. Before long Annie became pregnant, Danny declined to confess the Baby was his. If the baby appeared everything was happy proceed lucky to get a little while. Annie soon received tired of coming to her m?mes every whim. One day she became so frustrated the lady just kept the baby inside the mall and ran apart, only moments later her consciene got the better of her and your woman dashed returning to the nearby mall. Her baby wasnt in which she acquired left that, she traveled to mall security and made up a rather gross lie as to the reasons she got left her baby. The safety guards droped for it and returned her baby to her.

IN the end Annie struggles with the thought of providing her baby up for usage. She determines the best thing for the baby should be to give it to somebody who could really like it and never resent it in the least.

Annie changes from an ignorant little college to someone who has to face the earth and see items for what they are. She noticed that life will not always stream merrily coming, but that problem frequently surfaces. I do think her complete outlook on life changes.

When Danny first get into this tale he was the handsome fairly sweet boyfriend that every girl wishes. He soon turns chaotic and sexually abusive.

This novel happens in a small metropolis somewhere in the states. It is obvious to me that the story occurs in the modern.

The author most definitely sends some text. She aiming to point out that having sex in a young age has significant consequences. Everything glitters can be not platinum

I appreciated how I recognized exactly what my own character was thinking and feeling. This gave me an improved scene of understanding.

Although I loved knowing what Annie was pondering I found she repeated very little too much. Yet other than that I really enjoyed the book.

I actually didnt understand why