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With the advent of technology comes the raising use of search engines like google for different purposes. Web search engines like google such as Askjeeve! and Yahoo are effective equipment for internet research and finding web-affiliated articles and information. Furthermore, hard-to-find and old crafted information might most probably be around over the internet through keying in on the search engine. This new trend can help produce better options and issues in the field of academic research. m. Purpose: This paper attempts to present evidences that applying web search engines for academic purposes are beneficial to college students as online sources can easily be bought for studying and creating analysis.

Additionally , definition of a web search engine, several types of academic search engines like yahoo, and disputes on the advantages of using search engines for academics research are offered. c.

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Thesis statement: Scholastically, web search engines can help in doing research projects and create analysis on each exploration as searching for information on the internet can minimize the time and effort needed as compared to classic research, therefore, more time and effort will be invested in reading the online materials and further studying the topic.

II. Body system a. History i. Definition of a web search results. A search engine can be described as tool consisting of massive databases where a web user will get information.

It is composed of a computer plan called spider, crawler, or perhaps bot, which will searches through the internet in order to collect the requested information (Jato and Oresiri 055-060). When specific keywords are searched, relevant information will probably be displayed on the results -panel of the search results. ii. Several types of academic search engines like yahoo: These search engines like google are essentially useful for executing researches related to academic research and exploration.

Academic search engines include Google Scholar (http://scholar. google. com) wherein all disciplines may be searched in a number of formats including papers, articles or blog posts, books, data retrievals (IRs), and open access elements. Advanced search options help in limiting the searches for a particular author or publication. A different sort of academic internet search engine is the Ms Academic Search (http://academic. study. microsoft. com) wherein mainly sciences can be searched. Related with Google Scholar, advanced search alternatives can limit the queries by writer, field of study, journal, and other related fields. To the purpose of finding the information in the quickest way as possible. The more filters happen to be set, the greater specific the search will probably be. There are still various other academic search engines available online. w. Evidences to Support Claim we.

Based on the results from the study done by Gary Small , a university lecturer at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Patterns at the College or university of Cal, Los Angeles (UCLA), Teena G. Moody, Ph. D., a senior exploration associate for Semel Institiuite, and Leslie Y. Bookheimer, Ph. D., a psychiatry and bio-behavioral sciences university or college lecturer on the Semel Start, the growing computerized solutions have the possibility they have positive physical effects and potential advantages for middle-aged males and females, as well as more mature adults.

In accordance to Small , brain actions are getting stimulated through series of internet searching. The participants mixed up in study revealed similar brain actions the moment reading, although had also showed actions in areas which are related to complex thinking (Claburn). c. Opposing Watch i. Nicholas Carr, inhibited the inference of search engines like google in an individual’s mind through his document, “Is Yahoo making us stupid?  From the article, he highlighted that Net alters your brain.

According to the explored performed by University University London scholars, students who had been accessing study sites to watch out for e-books, online journal articles or blog posts, and other drafted information developed a “skimming activity behavior in which the specialist jumped from one source to another and would not actually look at the article (Carr). III. Conclusion a. Using web search engines like yahoo, it provides myself more time for my research compared to using traditional analysis methods, since I can acquire reading components as fast as I have found them in the search engine.

I actually don’t believe that technology can replace persons in my profession field, or perhaps that technology will replace the human aspect in any discipline. This is because human intelligence remains to be necessary to be able to create this kind of technology, minus it, the structure in the field will never be complete. The use of technology, for example in writing, is merely used being a guide and since a way to conserve time to further work on producing rather than spend time looking for study materials that may or may not become useful for analysing the topic.