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established in two parts. The first part discusses the Hierarchy theory, and two-factor theory. Since both hypotheses concentrate on a persons motivation, the paper compares and clashes the two hypotheses to reveal all their similarities and differences. The other part of this kind of paper focuses on the heath and questions of safety and the paper demonstrates the protection plan to be implemented at the construction internet site to reduce function accidents.

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Pecking order theory

Pecking order Theory is known as a theory of human inspiration introduced by Abraham Maslow. The hierarchy theory discloses motivation and personality, and suggests that individuals are motivated in order to fulfil all their basic demands. Maslow Hierarchy theory is normally displayed since pyramid where the most basic requires are exhibited at the minimum of the pyramid. On the other hand, the complex requires are exhibited at the top standard of the pyramid. According to the hierarchy theory, the most basic needs will be the needs to get the physical requirements, such as food, water, warmth and sleep. Once people have been capable to achieve the cheapest level requirements, people relocated to next level needs, which can be employment, safety and security. As people move up the pyramid, the needs become social and psychological. For example , people start seeking for camaraderie, love and intimacy, and these requires become significant. The top degree of the pyramid is the personal esteem and feeling of success. Maslow focuses on on self-actualization, which is near the top of the pyramid. The self-actualization is the has to achieve the individual potential, such as creativity, solving problems, and morality. Fig one particular reveals the strategy hierarchy theory demonstrates a persons needs. (Maslow. 1943).

Fig 1: Hierarchy Theory of Human Needs

Source: (Maslow. 1943).

Two-factor theory

Two-factor theory is developed by Frederick Herzberg is usually who thinks that two-step approach could possibly be used to figure out employee motivation and satisfaction. The health and driving force factors are more comfortable with understand the will need of employee. Two factor theory uses hygiene factor to explain the needs for business to avoid annoying at work. Health factor contain:

Company plan and supervision

Wages, salaries other financial remuneration

Top quality of direction

Quality of inter-personal contact

Working conditions

Feelings of job reliability

Two aspect theories as well argue that the motivator component is based on the needs for personal growth. The motivator component includes:


Opportunity for growth

Gaining recognition


Challenging and stimulating work

Impression of personal success and personal job growth. (Herzberg, Mausner, Snyderman 1959).

Fig 2 displays the two-factor theory of hygiene and motivator factor

Fig a couple of: Two-factor Theory Hygiene element and Motivator factor

Supply: (Herzberg, Mausner, Snyderman 1959).

To provide higher understanding around the methods the 2 theories could possibly be used to motivate human on the work environment, the paper provides the similarities and differences between two versions.

Similarities of Herzberg’s and Maslow’s Designs

There are similarities and differences between Herzberg and Maslow’s models. Likeness of the two models is the fact both versions suggest the requirement to satisfy worker through determination. Both versions use hierarchical scales, which mean one particular stage should be fulfilled ahead of moving to a new level. That they both identify the criteria that motivate persons at the work environment that is simple pay and work condition.

Moreover, Herzberg’s hygiene element is similar to the Maslow’s Physiological, and Security. This means both have the same criteria. The Herzberg’s motivators idea is similar to the Maslow’s Confidence and Self-Actualization needs. The two points to similar criteria and argue that human being needs expansion recognition, and achievement.

Equally theories impact employee activities through determination.

Differences among Herzberg’s and Maslow’s Models

Hierarchy Theory

Two factor theory

The concepts depend on human need and pleasure.

The concepts are based on motivation, which include accomplishment, recognition and growth.

The idea identifies five set of individual needs since the basis of theory.

Make reference to hygiene element and inspiring factor.

Generally applicable towards the developing or perhaps poor countries where funds is a encouraging factor

Mainly applicable to rich countries where funds is a significantly less motivating element

The unit is detailed in nature

Herzberg theory is point of view in mother nature.


Workers are generally motivated in a conducive office. The working environment generally influences workers frame of mind and inspiration, and these kinds of factors tremendous affect productivity and work accuracy. It provides safety plan in a local development firm.

Objectives: To put into action safety evaluate and improve workers state at the web page.

Analysis of Work Environment: Analysis of the work place at the structure firm reveals that there is a need to improve the effort environment to motivate personnel. The basic amenities such as good lighting and humidity happen to be insufficient in the site, and there is a need to minimize noise, boost temperature, and reorganize time-table at the site. These steps are essential to enhance basic safety at the work place as well as to motivate worker and increase worker’s productivity on the site.

SECURITY MEASURE: Safety measure is usually to provide enough lighting, humidity, and decrease noise. There’s also a need to boost temperature and re-organize operate scheduled. These kinds of needs are critical to motivate member of staff at the building site to further improve workers performances. For protection plan on the site, you will find basic actions to apply:

Lighting: There is a need to change lighting in the work site. Lighting influences how persons can see. Alter from poor light to great lighting state improves precision, and neatness at work. There is also a need to provide best lighting and dissipated lighting via more than one supply. Intensity of sunshine affects basic safety in the work environment. Lights by many origin give roundabout effect and easier around the eyes. Brighter light is not better because it can be too dazzling to the eye. The dullest light may cause eyestrain.

Three basic mild sources advised are the neon tubes, electrical filament tubes and natural light. Sun light is at the exterior and is not constant all day long. Artificial lamps such as neon and filament are easier to manage. These lighting is recommended since they produce higher level of roundabout lighting in lower costs. Florescent lights usually provide general illumination, and produce much less heat. Thus, it is recommended that the website buy neon tubes and filament light to improve lighting at the work place to improve personnel safety with the work environment.

Temperature and Humidity

The ambiance in the work place could be handled to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity. Thermostats could be accustomed to regulate temperature within a comfort zone of 68 to 74 degrees F. Some piece of Thermostats gadgets shut off if the temperature is higher than 90 degree Fahrenheit (f). Humidity should also be manipulated to enhance workers comfort with the site. In the cold time of year, in-door humidity is often too low. Vendor advises 70% humidness for personnel to be for safety level. Air conditioning highly recommended during the high temperature period and energy efficient building is recommended.

Noise: Sound by noise might cause irritation and distraction, and this may cause incident at the job site. Several common sound distraction is usually machine, street noise, oscillation, noise via heavy equipments, and responsive sound. Procedure for reduce noises at the operate site happen to be as follows:

Placing noise machine in a individual room or perhaps location

Place the specially style noise lowering pads beneath the machine to lessen noise

Appearing absorbing curtains, wall materials should be set up to lessen the quantity of noise deflection.

Work Schedule: Work stress and high workload could lead to work accident. If a workload is too high intended for workers, staff concentration on the job may decline, and this can lead to workers accident. To reduce accident and improve worker basic safety at the internet site, there is a have to implement the next recommendation:

Job overload needs to be reduced whenever possible. Worker should be allowed to work for maximum of twelve hours each day and overtime, however, should be paid accordingly.

Job duties will need to